Youth from Kolkata starts a unique Private Invite Only Group for students, professionals and young entrepreneurs

BOSSU is a startup cum private group where individuals come together and grow their wealth together. If you’re a newbie and want to start something of your own, this is the right place. Spare a few minutes to learn more about the initiative.

How did the journey start?

A 26-year-old started on a journey of accomplishing and discovering new heights in the world of creativity and startup. Mr. Akash Majumdar, the founder and curator of ‘BOSSU,’ completed his diploma in civil engineering in 2017. From the beginning itself, he was not very interested in the conventional 9 to 5 job. He wanted to pursue something unique and different from regular jobs. In the last year of his college days, he started working on a startup of his own, and it actually took off in September 2017. He started an online branding startup, which was a huge success. He took the venture to exceptional heights by investing in real estate through multi-asset reallocation and currently has a 7 figure turnover.


BOSSU is a venture that helps you find the right way to allocate your resources and invest in the right places, facilitating you with a good return income. It is a private group whose membership is free. “If you’re a student, creative professional, freelancer, or fresh entrepreneur and want to start your thing! This is the place!” claimed Mr. Akash. In the group, everyone is on the same foot, and everyone helps each other to grow their income, wealth, and businesses. Detailed discussions and sessions are held on wealth management, startup investment, strategies, long-term investment, how to grow your wealth in real estate, stock investment, and much more. Moreover, the five years old experience and expertise of Mr. Akash help members grow themselves along with their wealth.


BOSSU not just only looks after your business and wealth growth potential. But it even emphasises your health credentials. It believes you cannot take care of your ventures without proper health. Fitness is essential as in a disease-free body active mind rests, which lets you bear right and make quick decisions.

Social service

Mr. Akash runs a solely funded NGO, ‘ Sharmila Cares, ‘ with his capital in memory of her late mother, Mrs. Sharmila Majumdar. She died while she was going under medical treatment.

“We can honour them which we love,” said Mr. Akash Majumdar.

Mr. Akash organises free medical camps in various villages around Kolkata, free check-ups, and free prescriptions from doctors. Besides, he also provides free online skill-based technical courses to students who can practically help them earn income.

Help you stand on your foot

BOSSU gives you the platform and opportunity to interact with new people of the same interest as yours in the group. The focus remains on collective growth. It helps you find resources through the group’s network and thus enables you to collaboratively stand on your foot and succeed in your professional life.

“You need to be successful in all realms of life, i.e., financially, physically, and mentally. If you’re rich but obese and eventually die due to obesity, then that wealth is of no use. You have to be wealthy in every stage of life. You should have a strong mindset and physical ability to put the desired efforts into the work.”, commented Mr. Akash Majumdar.

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