Wellcure from Gurugram has been healing severe diseases through natural care

A first hand exposure to a severe disease and then curing it naturally gave an idea to a Gurugram based couple to launch their own start-up on natural care. Sounds interesting aren’t? Continue reading….

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Positivity is the key

It has been rightly said that one should be always positive even in tough situationsof life. The word aptly suits for Anchal Kapur, co-founder of Gurugram based start-up Wellcure.
Before we tell you more about her and her start-up, let’s find out how the success story began?

Natural cure to incurable disease

Anchal told Chalgenius that she was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that causes long-lasting inflammation and ulcers (sores) in the digestive tract, “The doctors prescribed me heavy doses of medicines for life stating that it could lead to infertility. But I refused to give up and look for a cure in nature. I learned the science of natural healing, applied it on myself and got completely cured of the incurable disease.”

Becoming part of the community

Soon, she became a part of the community which relies on the body’s self-healing powers, has a stronger immune system, lives a disease-free & medicine-free life, has better vitality, energy levels, mental health, and toxin-free bodies.
Anchal realized majority of the people across the globe would be facing similar issues and concept of natural healing has to be made accessible to all.

Founded Wellcure in 2018

Anchal along with her husband Sumeet and business partner Ankur Bhatia founded Wellcure in December 2018, “It is a multi-faceted, digital platform that democratises natural healing, helping people live a disease-free & medicine-free life. Wellcure provides the information, tools, peer community, and access to experts for easily adopting Nature Cure and a natural lifestyle,” Sumeet told Chalgenius.

Nature-cure enthusiasts together

Wellcure is an online platform that brings together nature-cure enthusiasts across the globe to share, interact, learn, heal, and inspire each other, “With a team of natural health experts, We provide comprehensive knowledge, e-learning courses, e-books, self-cure tools, guided programs, access to leading nature cure professionals, and organize events to promote and to make natural healing easily accessible to all. Effectively, Wellcure is a one-stop facility to all-natural health, lifestyle & wellness needs,” he added.

Fastest growing natural health communities

Ankur told Chalgenius that they are country’s fastest-growing natural health communities, catering to all health and wellness needs – physical and mental, with an existing user base of close to 100,000, “We are successfully paving the way to increase the adoption of natural healing in India, hence contributing to elevated national health & wellness. In the current epidemic, the focus on Health and Immunity building has increased tremendously. We expect this year to be the turning point for nature-based wellness and healing methods to come in the forefront along with other healing methods.”

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