Two Youths from North East are changing the lives of farmers and selling healthy food through organic farming

Two youths in Assam are trying to create a livelihood for small and marginal farmers by engaging them in organic farming and also offering healthy diet to people in order to boost their immunity. Really inspiring concept! Just spare a few minutes to appreciate their efforts.

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Adulterated food a major problem nowadays

Adulterated food items coupled with unhealthy lifestyle has been giving birth to numerous diseases nowadays. People consume food that not only gives rise to several diseases but also decreases immunity inviting severe diseases

Youths realized that organic farming had a good potential

Two youths, Manjul Kumar Choudhary, 32 and Harsh Rakhecha, 28 who are from North East, realised that adulterated and unhygienic food was leading people in the grip of severe diseases. The duo decided to do something about it. Besides, they also found that farmers were not getting good returns of their produce, “While studying MBA in Nagpur from Institute of Management, Technology, we got introduced to a subject where we had to pick up a model and do a presentation about it. We worked on organic farming found that it was a great concept and can not only change the life of people by providing healthy food but also can benefit farmers. We decided to go ahead with the concept of organic farming,” said Manjul to Chalgenius.

Launched their start-up in 2018

The duo then launched Brightcrop Agro Products Pvt. Ltd, started on 7th of March, 2018 with organics food market as brand name, “We decided to motivate farmers in North East and other states towards organic farming. It was tough initially but slowly they began to transform toward organic cultivation as we promised them of buying their produce. Slowly, we began to add farmers and our network began to grow. The farmers also readily agreed to come with us as we eliminated the middle men by buying directly from them and supplying them to customers,” said Harsh to Chalgenius.
The start-up has been incubated at NEATEHUB, an AIC-AAU incubator based at Jorhat in Assam.

Small and marginal farmers get a boost in their income

Manjul told Chalgenius that over a thousand farmers have been benefited with their start-up, “We have impacted livelihood of small and marginal organic growers in the North-eastern region of India, West Bengal and Maharashtra and have helped them to adopt a conducive ecosystem in sustainable agriculture with education, proper guidance and effective market linkage.”

“We have certified 800 acres of farmland and developed an effective supply chain for the products. Our farmers have received better value for their harvest and almost 30% more than conventional equivalent, by employing organic methods of farming. At Organics Food Market, we bring your food, straight from the Earth For You.”

Selling through e-commerce platforms and physical stores

The start-up is currently working with Kharif crops, rice and grains, wheat and flour, herbs and spices and tea. It also has a certified organic processing facility and packing house in Pune and Guwahati. The products are available in leading ecommerce platforms, “We have shipped trances for food products to Dubai, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago in 2019. We expect a 4 times growth in top-line in year 2019-20 with average margin of 23% after expenses,” added Harsh.

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