Two friends open first vegan restaurant of Kolkata


Two friends who were environment enthusiasts and animal lovers decided to motivate people to become vegans. They thought what could be the best way then to open a restaurant and serve mouth watering food without the use of animal products.

The duo- Abhinav Bajpai and Vikash Bihani – has come up with the first vegan restaurant of Kolkata. Christened as Ubuntu Community, the restaurant serves dishes obtained from plants. They prefer to call their kitchen, plant based food lab.

The cafe fully satisfies your gastronomy by offering Kosha mangsho(mutton curry) from soyabean and wheat. You can also relish dahi vada( combination of yoghurt and fried flour balls) prepared from peanuts

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The founders, both in late 20s, say that the goal behind opening the cafe is to prove that vegetarian dishes can offer the same taste as non-vegetarian items, “We want to prove that vegetarian food cooked from plant products is no way inferior. It also offers the same delicious taste. The aim is to create awareness on vegan food and stop the brutality on animals and environment,” says Abhinav.

Vikash adds that the name Ubuntu was chosen because it means compassion and humanity. The cafe has been built from recycled material. For example the discarded back-seats of a car serve as the sofa for dining and empty bottles have been turned designing pieces.

The cafe that opened its doors on September 7 last year has been getting good response from the people who are thronging in large numbers to get the taste of vegan food without missing their Kosha mangsho.

Why Ubuntu cafe?

Ubuntu also offers space for living and enjoying vegan food along with conducting events like stand-up comedy shows.

So why don’t you try it once!
Ubuntu community
Mob: 8861657131

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  1. Wow excellent initiative. Loving the concept of plant based food that is going to be useful for the environment, for the animals, and for your own health too. Kudos to Ubuntu Community Cafe.

    1. Thanks for your comment..please share the article so that max people can come to know about them.

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