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If you are a funded start-up and planning to scale up your marketing activities, you are going to need to partner with an experienced marketing agency. It is extremely difficult to find a quality service provider. Spare a few minutes to know more about it and how to find a solution.

Burning problem

It often happens is that companies hire an agency, but find out that the agency is not delivering work like they initially promised, fire them after a few months and then again start searching for a new agency.

This is tiring, time consuming and crazy expensive. Though there exists a solution that can solve all these issues. But before that, let’s dive into the process of finding a marketing agency. When start-up goes on for an agency hunt, there are 2 factors that it needs to keep in mind regarding marketing agencies:

  1. Agency’s Service Expertise
  2. Agency’s Industry Expertise

That’s why whenever someone tries to find an agency, the first question they ask is:

“Does anyone know of an agency that has worked in the B2C industry, has expertise in Performance Marketing and worked with top clients.”

This is where Unispade comes into picture.

What is

On, a start-up can just enter a brand’s name and within seconds Unispade’s advanced search algorithm will give a list of all the agencies hired by that particular brand.

Unispade is tracking client accounts of more than 1000 top marketing agencies. With 1000+ vetted marketing agencies registered on the platform, Unispade is becoming the single source of truth to find the right marketing agency.

But how does a start-up verify whether that agency has that service and industry expertise or not?

All the agencies registered on Unispade have a detailed profile where they have uploaded case studies verified by the respective clients. This is a way to authenticate their work and a proof of their expertise.

Unispade gives all the necessary information you need before finalising the next marketing partner.

USP of Unispade

Established in 2019, Unispade is one of its kind platforms that is centred around data rather than just an agency directory.

A Marketplace along with a proof of work platform is making it faster than ever to shortlist marketing agencies on the basis of their past work and service specialisation.

Vishwa Vijay Rana, the founder of says, While random searches on the internet will bring only those results that are on the top of the page because of good SEO postings,  Unispade gives you data centric highly relevant search results according to the needs of the client. Agencies are registered after intensive research and background checks along with the quality of clients that they handle.”

How does Unispade work?

It’s really simple. Anyone can either search and shortlist the agencies themselves with the website have advanced filters, or can simply get in touch with the Unispade executives and get their help in short listing agencies.

Step 1
Share a project brief with Unispade executives over a 15 minute call.

Step 2
Within 3 days, you will receive agency proposals and relevant case studies from the 5 most relevant agencies that are best suited for your project.

Step 3
They will arrange separate pitching sessions where the entrepreneurs will get on a call directly with all 5 agencies.

Step 4
The company can finalize the best suited agency for your project.

Expertise in various fields
Almost all the areas right from Performance & Digital marketing, Graphic Designing & Branding, Social Media, Public Relations & Communications to Media Buying & Planning, etc.

Is it chargeable?
No, Unispade has their commission based arrangement with agencies once the project converts. This agency search services is completely free for Brands (Clients)

The company was c-founded founded by Vishwa Vijay Rana, (CEO) Navcharan Singh, (CMO), Ramneek Sidhu, (CBO) and Abhishek Raja, (CTO). It also has 5 employees.

Want to know more about the company?

Get in Touch!
Linkedin: @ranavishwavijay

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