This start-up from New Delhi by two Engineers is helping people speak English fluently

Two engineers from New Delh are solving the biggest hiccups by helping people to sepak English fluently.  Spare a few minutes in reading the article to know about initiative.

Facing the problem first-hand
Avinash Gupta, an electrical engineer from one of India’s prestigious engineering colleges, was recruited directly from campus by a leading Multinational company. Avinash is a smart and confident young man who could answer any questions related to his subject with proficiency. English was an issue though. Even when he was given a handsome CTC, Avinash was apprehensive about joining the office. He feared that he might not fit in well with his colleagues or excel in his presentations as English was not his strong suit.

Several face similar predicament

There are many like Avinash who are well versed in their field of work but suffer from the same predicament. Despite being good at their jobs, they find it difficult to communicate their ideas without any hesitation. This cannot be taken lightly as a lack of good communication skills hinders a person’s ability to reach their true potential.

Problems of Poor English Communication skills
1) Being stuck at the same level despite good performance because of Poor communication skills
2) Aspiring Youtubers/freelancers/artists might not have the confidence to speak to people
3) A housewife might face difficulty in teaching her kids.
4) Young professionals might not be able to prepare well for Job interviews that they are ideally suited for.
What is was founded in late 2019 with the vision to provide a platform where people could learn to converse in English. The founders realised that while there are numerous English learning classes, most of them concentrate on English language construction and grammar, and hardly focus on enhancing English speaking skills. has come as welcome relief in this area for working professionals, students, business owners and even parents who cannot speak fluent English.

Live training 
At, learners can practice English conversations over live 1:1 Video calls with English trainers.  The trainers come from different walks of life. They guide learners on how to speak the language correctly and with ease. has its presence in most non-English speaking countries, and will soon reach out to other countries in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Clapingo conversation videos on YouTube have more than 4 million views.
While the conversation platform is available for professionals and adults, there is a category for children between 6 to 16 years. There is also a section for people preparing to appear for IELTS.
Benefits of joining is a flexible interactive platform that is available 24×7. Learners can book sessions with the tutors at any convenient time. They are also free to choose the tutor they would like to interact with.
They can book 15 minutes or 25 minutes sessions with tutors of their choice. according to their preference. has over 200 tutors placed across India.
 The client can speak to anyone they want at a suitable time slot.  The tutors teach how to speak English, correct grammatical and pronunciation mistakes and also guide learners on how to construct proper sentences.
Dream Connect
Working professionals, students, parents and business owners who often have to speak to international clients.
Get in touch!
Instagram- @Clapingo
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