This start-up from Kasol in Himachal Pradesh offers co-working space amidst the snowfall

Just imagine working on a laptop while sitting in a lap of nature amidst snowfall and consuming organic food. Sounds bit outlandish idea in this busy life. But a start-up is making it possible. Want to know how? Continue reading…

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Co-working space in the lap of nature

A start-up based in Himachal Pradesh has come with the innovative concept where it would offer co-working space in the midst of nature and picturesque hills along with snowfall.

Ease off stress

The founders of Yeti Grooves, a start-up based at Kasol in Himachal Pradesh, say that the aim is to offer a perfect co-working space where one can enjoy the beauty of nature and can also easing off mental stress. The start-up was founded Arunav Rath, 30 and Piyush Panda, 27, last year.

Organic food to clients

Piyush says that they are not only offering co-working space but also growing organic vegetables to ensure that people get healthy food, “Apart from providing co-working space, we would also ensure that they are being served fresh farm food procured directly from the farmland. We want to provide them with organic food.” The duo aim to start both the services soon after the situation turns normal.

Nominal charges for backpackers with skills

Yeti Grooves also provides home stays to backpackers in their two properties at Himachal Pradesh and Kerala respectively.
The start-up charges a nominal amount starting from just Rs 2500 for 10 days for their camp stay and food. The uniqueness lies in the fact that back packers who volunteer to stay with them whom they refer as ‘the tribe’ should have some skills, “The backpackers can stay with us starting from a nominal price of Rs 2500 for 10 days but they have to assist us in our daily work done for the guests. For example, a person can cook culinary food items from his state for our guests or can help in daily chores like cutting timber from the forest or displaying any special talent like music, acting and others to entertain our guests,” told Arunav to Chalgenius.

Platform to enhance your skills

Arunav told Chalgenius that yeti grooves is a project which comes under project yeti, “It’s a place where we can evolve together, learn, share things. You could be musicians, artist, chef, and architect, lawyer for us to come and share your skills with us.” The duo said that ‘the tribe’ can stay with them as long they want.
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