This start-up from Jaipur is on a mission to make India healthier by converting used cooking oil into biodiesel

KNP Arises Green Energy Pvt Ltd, a start-up from Jaipur has been making lives healthier by converting Used Cooking Oil into biodiesel which could have been otherwise led to adulteration. Want to know more about the start-up? Just spare a few minutes to appreciate the efforts.

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Goal to turn environment clean

Jaipur based Sushil Vaishnav has pledged to make the environment clean by converting Used Cooking Oil(UCO) into bio-diesel through his start-up KNP Arises Green Energy Pvt Ltd.

Adulteration a major issue

Vaishnav who founded his company KNP Arises Green Energy Pvt Ltd in November 2018, along with two other co founders- his wife Kirti Vaishnav, 36 and his friend Ravi Jain, 38,- is collecting Used Cooking Oil from 35 cities across the country. He says that he got this idea when he was working in Dubai and he thought of doing something like this when he would return to India. “I started the company after spending 10 years in Dubai and found that adulteration is a major challenge and I must do something to contribute,” he told Chalgenius.

Collecting Waste cooking oil

The company aims to build a tech enabled supply chain for collection of biomass waste and converting them into green energy. Currently, KNP Arises Green Energy is focusing on the used cooking oil which is used for adulteration.

Huge potential

Bio-diesel in India has a huge demand and supply gap and only 0.1% of total demand is being met with available supplies, Vaishnav informs, “We are providing a safe, secure and regulatory compliant oil disposal facility which has 100% traceability and eco friendly end product. We are making society adulteration free,” Kirti told Chalgenius.

How does it work?

Vaishnav says that the company collects waste edible cooking oil from hotels, restaurants and industries and converts it into biodiesel. Any edible oil is fit for consumption for first three times and beyond this it is not safe to consume as it can lead to life threatening diseases like cancer, heart ailment and alzheimers etc.

“Our objective is that this oil should not go into the water bodies as it creates pollution nor it should go into the food chain. When Food Business Operators discharge it after three times, the unorganised players buy this oil for roadside eateries and sell them to make money,” Ravi told Chalgenius
“In the process, the food quality gets further deteriorated because of multiple times of cooking. We want to stop this chain and convert cooking oil into bio-diesel as it is environment friendly which has 90% low carbon emission.”

He further says when the waste cooking oil is converted into biodiesel; it is kept as fresh fuel which is blended with diesel for commercial use. The industrial factories also use biodiesel. The Business-2-Business (B2B) clients, transporters, hotels, broiler plants and oil marketing companies purchase biodiesel from the company.

Future prospects

Sushil told Chalgenius that the government has just started regulation for discharging oil. He says his company is in the phase where things will start shaking up because of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Only one percent of the oil is collected in the industry right now, he says.

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