This start-up from Giridh in Jharkhand has designed a respirator to help you breathe easy during Pandemic

Three techies have found a solution to respiratory and sweating problems being faced by the people while wearing masks for a longer time during pandemic. Want to know more? Continue reading.

Concerned about the rising air pollution

Three techies who were studying in different colleges in Punjab were concerned about the increasing air pollution and of lately, the respiratory issues being faced by people, especially frontline warriors of wearing masks for a longer time during the pandemic era. They decided to find a solution for it.

Air respirator-Oxigeno

The trio, Deepak Deb, Ravineet Yadav and Anant Singh Rajput has designed an algae respirator called Oxigeno that not only offers the fresh air but also removes the problems faced by people while wearing the ordinary masks during the pandemic.

Shortcomings of masks available in the market

The respirator has been designed in collaboration with researchers from Lovely Professional University (LPU) in Punjab, “We found that the masks available in the market where having some shortcomings when it came to providing fresh air. We decided to design a mask that would not only provide clean air without any harmful particles but would not also be suffocating if worn for a long time, especially while going outdoors to keep safe from coronavirus,” said Deepak, co-founder of GoAlgeus Innovation Private Limited to Chalgenius.

The founders are in 20s

Ravineet is doing a Phd in environmental science; Depak is undergoing computer science while Anant is a mechanical engineering final year. The trio are the students of Lovely Professional University (LPU) and IISER in Punjab respectively. The founders are in 20s. Ravineet hails from Gurgugram, Anant is from Faridabad and Deepak is from Jharkhand.

Quite different from other products in the market

Anant, the other co-founder told Chalgenius that the USP of the respirator is that it uses a natural way of enriching the air which is Algae, “It is not being used in any other available respirators in the market. The respirator is made of an antimicrobial plastic called PLA-Active which would prevent growth of bacteria and other contaminates on the surface. The algae in the respirator conduct photosynthesis and remove carbon dioxide (C02) and other air pollutants while producing oxygen, making the air passing through it more breathable.”

Helpful for frontline workers

The trio said that the four-layered respirator, called Oxigeno, will provide instant relief, especially to frontline workers who have to go through a lot of discomfort while wearing masks for long hours.They have also developed algae based air purifier that help to devour harmful gases like co2, nox, sox and provides oxygen rich air.
“The respirator has a fan fitted in it which continues to pump fresh air. It would be really helpful for frontline workers and also for others as going out in public places causes a lot of discomfort for people who have respiratory problems,” said Deepak.

Alerts when cartridge needs to be changed

Ravineet told Chalgenius that the respirator can be worn continuously, while the algal cartridge has to be changed when maximum algal growth is achieved which will be informed by sensor through IoT, “The material used to make the respirator is skin safe and is used in the market to make several other products too. Generally, the algae used in this cartridge is non-toxic/safe whereas, rare case of sensitive skins cannot be ignored. Also, the algae will not come in direct contact with any individual’s skin.”

Prototype tested

He further said, “We have already tested the prototype of our first product which is an algae based air purifier enabled with advanced nano materials for the removal of Co2 and other harmful gases apart from particulate matter.”The start-up has been supported by Atal Bihari Vajpayee Innovation Lab by Jharkhand government who has been doing commendable job to promote start-ups across Jharkhand and create more entrepreneurs.

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