This dairy farm start-up from Behrampur in Odisha has done roaring business during pandemic

A start-up selling pure and organic milk at Berhampur in Odisha has done exceptional business during lockdown and aims to reach a turnover of Rs 30 lakh in the next two months. Want to know more? Continue reading.

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Roaring business during lockdown

Surendra Nath who hails from Behrampur in Odisha and founder of Vaisali dairy Private limited under the brand Doodh Sagar, has been doing exceptional business during the lockdown. He claims to reach a turnover of Rs 30 lakh in the next two months.

Pandemic provided the ample opportunity

The young entrepreneur says that social distancing and instructions to stay inside the houses let to a surge in demand of the fresh and organic milk as people preferred home deliveries, “We have seen a massive rise in our business as people are reluctant to come out of the houses unless extremely necessary. They prefer home deliveries. Our milk is completely pure which is helping people to keep healthy,” Surendra Nath told Chalgenius.

Dairy farm bringing whopping revenues

Surendra Nath, has been already running a successful organic dairy farm with monthly revenue of Rs 15 lakh at a small city of Berhampur. He sells around 1100 litres of milk every day and has provided livelihood to around 40 farmers in his city.

Delivers milk at doorsteps

Surendra Nath also claims to be the first of its kind dealing in hydroponics fed cow milk supplies fresh organic milk at door steps of his customers in Berhampur. It’s worth to mention that the 30-year-old entrepreneur has achieved success with 3 years of launching his start-up.

Fulfilling father’s dream

Surendra Nath who has done a says, that he was into corporate jobs in Delhi and Pune but he came back to Berhampur as his father wanted him to start something from his city, “I wanted to start some other business but my father always wanted me to do something from our native place. I decided to fulfil his wishes. I came back to my hometown and was mulling to do something. I had no idea in dairy farming,” he told Chalgenius.

Decided to supply fresh and organic milk

But soon he realised that there was a yawning gap between the demand and sales of cow milk and people were not getting fresh milk despite being ready to pay for it, “I decided to venture in dairy farming by procuring milk from farmers and selling it to people. I found that milk used to come from outside to overcome the crisis. The demand of unprocessed milk was huge in Berhampur so I decided to provide fresh organic milk to people,” said the young entrepreneur to Chalgenius.

Sells 1100 litres of cow milk per day

He started his dairy farm, Vaisali dairy Private limited under the brand Doodh Sagar in 2017 and right now he sells 1100 litres per day. He sells the pure, natural cow milk at Rs 44 per kg packed in glass bottles, “We started with 2 litres per kg and did all the packing and delivering of milk myself. At present, I have seventeen employees. I have not done any marketing and mouth publicity has helped us to achieve success. The supply has increased during the lockdown and the revenue.”

Why hydroponics?

The dairy entrepreneur told Chalgenius that he decided to feed hydroponics grass to cows because the grass was not easily available in the city and cows often faced accidents while searching for grass, “Hydroponics doesn’t require soil but grass is grown using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. The grass can easily be fed to the cows in the cowshed. It not saves their lives but also provides fresh milk.”
The start-up has been incubated at KIIT-TBI.

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