This colonel from Uttar Pradesh is earning lakhs by just pursuing his hobby

A retired colonel in Uttar Pradesh is raking moolahs by spending his time in pursuing his hobby. Want to know more about him? Spare a few minutes in reading the article.

Retired Colonel pursuing his hobby
A retired Colonel from the Army is now spending most of his time in pursuing his hobby which is cultivating different varieties of super food including chia seeds. The retired colonel is Harish Chandra Singh, a native of Ambedkar Nagar in Uttar Pradesh.

Health properties
Certain food items are believed to have exceptional health benefits. When Harish decided to take up farming, he wanted to try growing such items called super foods in his land at Barabanki. These crops are not widely seen and are expensive.

Harish mainly grows chia seeds chia seeds on his 4-acre land. They are also known as Salba chia or Mexican chia which are the edible seeds of a flowering plant from the mint family, they were first made popular in Mexico and have several health benefits.

They lower blood pressure and, in turn, reduce the risk of heart diseases. They are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants and are grown extensively in China, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.

Sown in October
The seeds are sown in October just like wheat but they will be ready for harvest a month before wheat. He says that it costs around Rs 75,000 per bigha (61 cents) to grow chia seeds and one can earn up to Rs 2 lakh from it. The cost of one kilogram of chia seeds in the online market is between Rs 1,500 to 2,000 rupees.”

Due to their health properties, Chia seeds are very popular in India. The product is in great demand and Harish says if cultivated locally across the country, farmers will hugely benefit.

500 apple trees
Apart from Chia seeds, he also grows other super foods like green apple, dragon fruit, black wheat and plums. There are a total of 500 apple trees on his farm, out of which 400 are green apples and 100 are red. Usually, apples are grown in cold weather climates but Harish proved that they can be cultivated even in a dry place like Uttar Pradesh.

When the majority of nearby farmers opted to farm traditional crops, some of them including Harish experimented with these crops and was successful.

“Let’s take the example of black wheat. You sell regular wheat at a maximum rate of Rs 15 per kg, while the price of black wheat is Rs 100 per kg. Growing more such crops will also help in reducing the price. It makes the product affordable to everyone,” Harish appeals to his fellow farmers.

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