Swayam Analytics is a one-stop destination when it comes to deciding your child’s future

Are you looking for a best academic institution to enrol your child but do you know about his career choices? You might make a mistake if you don’t judge his requirement. Spare a few minutes in reading the article to know more about Swayam Analytics that has been providing you perfect information about your child’s future.

Peak admission time
It is peak admission time and students are looking for the best schools and colleges to study the subject of their choice. While most students have made their choices, many others may be confused and undecided about what would be the best subjects or career choice for them.
They are largely in need of guidance and help in taking the right decision about a career that most suits their interest, aptitude and personality. Here is where Swayam steps in with its various tests and analytics that help students in any stage of their academic life, decide what they should do about their studies and career.

About Swayam
Swayam uses a combination of ancient psychological science and modern methodology to decode the personality, interest and natural inclinations of a person accurately.

Dr Shilpa Datar, the founder of Swayam is an experienced psychologist and behaviour analyst. She leads a team of experts who assess psychological, emotional and physical well-being.

Swayam provides accurate insights about the personality, strengths and weaknesses and areas of high performance for institutions to equip students with enough data to make informed choices that are in alignment with their personality, eventually leading to higher satisfaction. “It is necessary to identify every student’s true calling and give them the best opportunities of success. Our tests at Swayam provide accurate guidelines to help students take correct decisions,” said Dr Shilpa Datar.

Tests used by Swayam
The psychometric tests are designed to assess personality based on Indic knowledge systems. The tests are standardised and have appeared in international and national peer reviewed journals. These tests are used for research in various Indian universities and institutions around the world. Swayam has developed its own tests and software.

Areas of work of Swayam:
Swayam essentially works in two major areas. First are schools that often require assessing and analysing student strengths and weaknesses to determine their subject choices and eventually career prospects.

Career guidance is an important area addressed by Swayam. Young students who are often confused about their academic choices are guided by Swayam’s tests and personality assessments.

For undergraduate students Swayam offers SWOC (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges) analysis to help them understand themselves and offers suggestions to build a better personality.

Some students use the SWOC analysis to identify their core strengths and weaknesses to write good Statement of Purpose when applying to foreign universities or even during placements for jobs.

Services by Swayam:
Psychometric Tests – systematic approach to measure the attributes of a person’s cognitive ability and personality.

Behavioural assessment – Swayam experts map out the intricate physical, psychological and ethical aspects.

Personality assessment – the tests empirically interpret and refine the metrics associated with personality traits, to assess one’s competencies.

Dream Connect:
Swayam looks forward to work with schools and colleges where students need to take the tests for better academic and career guidance.

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