Startups should not focus completely on funding and work hard for success, Surendra Nath, founder Doodhsagar

Hardwork and perseverance has fetched a lump-sum funding for a 30-year-old Berhmapur based entrepreneur from 2012 Olympic winner Gagan Narang. Let’s know the dos and don’ts for getting funding from him. …

Chalgenius is proud to add that Doodhsagar is the first featured in our platform that has got funding. We are working for the success of early stage start-ups across India. Read his previous story here here
About the entrepreneur

Surendra Nath, who hails from a small city of Berhampur in Odisha, is founder of Vaisali dairy Private limited under the brand Doodh Sagar. He has been running the organic dairy farm since 2017 and has achieved a turnover of more than Rs 20 lakh. He sells around 1100 litres of fresh and organic milk every day and has provided livelihood to around 40 farmers in his city.

Funding has opened new avenues

Surendra has recently got funding from Olympic athlete Gagan Narang and this will help him to achieve his target. “Gagan Narang’s brand name will be very helpful to us. I have always wanted to take Doodh Sagar in franchise mode and now I think I will be able to do so. We will be able to get access to the government sector as well as venture into other sectors,” Surendra told Chalgenius.

The basic requirement for funding

A good reputation is the primary requirement for getting any sort of funding. Surendra said that one has to first have a clean reputation along with good behaviour. “The work will be assessed only if an entrepreneur succeeds in impressing the other person with his mannerism and behaviour. Next, the work should be appropriate. It is the hardwork and perseverance that actually matters. At times one may not possess all the requisite documents but this inability never comes in the way of funding. In the initial phase I was never asked to show my papers. So, the focus should be on work,” he said.

Something to avoid

Entrepreneurs should never devote his/her entire focus on ways of getting funding as this will deviate attention from the main work. “Meetings will have to be held but it should never disturb the main work. In the initial period of a startup one devotes around 12 to 13 hours in the project. Now, out of the total time that is spent, only one hour should be devoted to focus on funding,” said Surendra who has got funding from 2012 Olympics medal winner Gagan Narang.

Never be afraid of the initial struggle

Initial struggle is an integral part of all start-ups. Surendra recalls how he did door-to-door delivery for two months at a stretch after launching his venture. He took two years to build his reputation and finally he got recognition for his work. Covid delayed the funding process though else he would have managed the funding a few months earlier. “I think if someone is giving his hard-earned money for your project then he too should get a good return. Your work should speak for itself so that there are no regrets. Initially, I worked continuously from 5 am to 12 am. It is only the hardwork that brings you funds,” he added.

A piece of advice to budding entrepreneurs

“Take care of your work and funding will come its way. Always have a futuristic outlook and never become pessimistic,” advised Surendra.

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Surendra Nath
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