Rajgir Royal Club

A set of engineers are moving on e-rickshaw to save lives from Coronavirus in Rajgir

Rajgir Royal Club, a social body comprising mostly of engineers in Bihar have not only distributed five-thousand face masks and sanitizers among people but also spreading awareness about the Coronavirus and Janata Curfew in villages of Rajgir by travelling one place to another in a battery rickshaw.

Good Samaritans lend helping hands

Amidst the gloom surrounding the outbreak of pandemic, Good Samaritans have come forward to fight a battle against the coronavirus whose tentacles has been spreading with each passing day.

One such group is Rajgir Royal Club (the helping hand) that has been working tirelessly for the past few days to alert people about the deadly virus and ways to minimize its impact.

Travelling in an e-rickshaw for awareness

A group of 15-20 volunteers has been travelling in different villages of Rajgir and alerting people about the virus and also suggesting ways to stay healthy and safe, “We have been travelling in a battery rickshaw in different villages of Rajgir and holding conversations with the villagers informing them about the pandemic. They are also suggested to maintain social distancing and wash hands frequently,” said Ravi Shankar Kumar, 29, a volunteer of the club and an entrepreneur based in Hyderabad.

Distributed face masks and sanitizers

Besides, the club has also distributed over 5000 masks and hand sanitizers to people in order to maintain hygiene and prevent the spread, “We are also trying to clear out misconceptions from the minds of people regarding the virus. We are following the guidelines of the Union government while creating awareness,” said Bipin Bihari, a software engineer and also a volunteer.

Soon after the announcement of Janata Curfew by PM Modi, the club escalated its efforts to urge people to stay indoors on Sunday (March 22).

Have Reached Over ten-thousand people

The members claimed to have created awareness among ten-thousand people spread across 15 villages of Rajgir in the past 3 days.

Interestingly, all its members hail from Rajgir but are engineers or entrepreneurs across the country. The club was formed in November last year with an aim to serve their native place.

Apart from it, the group does several social activities across the year like organising health check-up camps, assisting cops during religions congregation among others.

Chalgenius Cares For You

We know that cases have of Covid-19 has been rising with each passing day. But we would like to suggest you to do not encourage any rumours and remember one thing that everything said on social media is not true. Keep safe. Keep healthy.

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