Protein enriched food items are necessary to stay healthy during pandemic: Experts

It is very important to keep safe and healthy during the pandemic era. Foods that we consume in daily life can be really helpful to our diet and can keep us strong. Want to know about the kinds of food that can be consumed during the present times? Continue reading.

Passing through difficult times

Humanity is passing through real testing times. Several thousands of people have been suffering or have died from pandemic across the globe while billion of humanity is also living in a perpetual fear of becoming the next target of coronavirus.

Need of an hour is to be strong from inside

Scientists across the globe are being working tirelessly to come out with a vaccine against the deadly disease but they are yet to gain success. During these hard times, consuming nutritious and healthy food is being considered as an only alternative to fight a battle against the invisible enemy.
Health experts say that the need of an hour is to take a right kind of diet that would help people to keep strong from inside.

Protein diet compulsory

Sweta Banerjee, Regional Nutrition Co-ordinator, Welthungerhilfe, one of Germany’s biggest private organizations for development and humanitarian aid, says that consuming protein enriched food is very helpful nowadays, “We need protein to boost immunity because our body prepare antibodies. The animal source protein in the best kind of protein and I would like to stress upon sea fish, eggs. This apart low fat meat should be considered. We should keep be mind that the food consumed by us should have adequate protein.”

Green vegetables a must in the food

She further told Chalgenius that green vegetables should be regularly included in the diet, “Apart from protein, green vegetables and green leaves are good for health. There is no need to be selective in green food as any such kind is good for health. We should try to mix green leaves with our food. We should also try to consume yellow and red vegetables like tomato, pumpkin, and papaya among fruits. This kind of vegetables and fruits has lots of protein and carotene which are very good for health.”

Lentils also good for health

She says that lentils can also be consumed regularly, “Plants source protein include lentils with cover and seeds are very good source of protein. We should keep in mind that different kinds of lentils should be mixed and consumed. Soaking lentils in the water or germinating them enhances the protein content in it and they should be consumed without removing their cover which helps in keeping the protein intact.”

Foods enrich in Vitamin-C

Sweta also mentioned about the benefits of consuming items enrich in Vitamin-C, “Some vegetables also has Vitamin-C like lemon, amlokhi(Phyllanthus emblica) whichever is available in the season. This kind of vegetables has their own benefits and we should try to include them in our food items every day.”

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