Organic farming is a perfect recipe for strong and healthy life

Excessive use of chemical fertilisers have been not only destroying the quality of soil but also producing unhealthy food. Experts say, that organic farming is a solution to lead a healthy life. Want to know more. Continue reading..

Chemical farming harmful

Farmers are resorting to massive use of chemical fertilisers in the soil to increase productivity and their income in a quick space of time. But use of chemical fertilisers is harmful to the soil and also offers unhealthy food.
“The pressure to increase production in agriculture sector has led to the excessive use of chemicals and destruction of environment, soil, crops and human beings. It has also been giving us poor quality of food that is not good for health,” said Rishi Krishna De, project director, Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), Malda (West Bengal) to Chalgenius.

Organic farming offers healthy food

He further told Chalgenius that organic farming should be given preference to ensure that soil remains in good quality and healthy food is served on the platter, “We have to put into practise the traditional organic farming. We have to focus on the use of organic fertilisers and organic pesticides to prevent the fields from getting infected with blight. The natural resources have to be conserved,” he said.

Organic farming saves environment

“We have to protect those worms that are friendly to the environment. We have to do the farming by following certain norms which would not only save the environment but would also keep human beings healthy. At the same time, farmers would be benefited. We can prepare natural pesticides with the leaves of various trees.”

Chemical fertilisers should be minimised

De told Chalgenius that the use of chemical fertilisers should be minimised to ensure that more organic food is produced, “We should not depend on chemical fertilisers for quick results but should adopt old-age ancient method of organic farming. Chemical fertilisers should be used in a controlled way so that it does not destroy the environment and human beings.”

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