Now, here comes a ‘NOVEL’ device to deal with coronavirus

Crowd management in public places to ensure segregation of suspected coronavirus patients would be the biggest challenges for authorities after the lockdown ends. An established industrial design consultant has found a perfect solution for it. Want to know how? Continue reading.

Disturbed with images of migrants during lockdown

When the entire world was watching with horror the images of thousands of migrants gathering at Delhi-UP border during the lockdown, Paul Sandip, an electrical engineer was thinking of something else.

Paul thought that scanning the crowds at public places after the end of the lockdown would be a major challenge for the authorities and could even lead to the spread of the disease and even stampede like condition.

Designs low cost contact-less IR thermal scanner

The 40-year-old industrial design consultant decided to find a solution for it. It took just a week for him to design a low cost contact-less IR thermal scanner that can segregate probable corona infected patient from a crowd by simply looking at colour of the LED indicator, “I was disturbed to see the horrific images of thousands of migrants and thought that scanning of people at hospitals, cinema halls and other public places would become new normal in the coming days. But the current first level of detection is time consuming as one has to check the body temperature, decipher the reading and then decide further as to who can be let go and who needs to be quarantined. We need something that is quick, easy and affordable,” says Sandip a Hyderabad based entrepreneur to Chalgenius.

NOVEL indicates colour to segregate suspected patients

Sandip has designed the IR thermal scanner with the colour LED indicator which is not only cheaper than those available in the market but can quickly segregate the people with fever and no fever, “NOVEL simply speeds up the first level of detection and segregation. Just by looking at the colour of the indicator one can decide that the person needs a further check up or not. The LED indicator shows red colour if the person is running with a high temperature and required to be segregated while the green colour is on display when the person has no fever. It saves time and can be effectively used in crowded places,” he told chalgenius.

NOVEL is cheap and easy to operate

Sandip further told Chalgenius that the simplicity of NOVEL makes it a product for the common mass, “Even an illiterate can understand what the colour is indicating thus making this device usable by people who are not trained medical practitioners. It costs just Rs 5000 as compared to others that are priced around Rs 10,000.”

The devices can be used effectively in public places like airports, malls, movie halls, theatres, public gatherings, markets where the metal detector is used for screening people. He has already applied for the patent of the product.

Paul-a renowned electrical engineer

Paul runs Paul Studio, an Industrial Product Design Company that provides end-to-end product design and development services to create unique and innovative products for your brand. It is has designed and developed more than 300+ iconic objects in 121 product categories for clients across 16 countries.

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