Noida based startup Inkclick is offering a perfect platform for students and educators to succeed

While EdTech companies have jumped at the opportunity of mass online teaching and tutorials during the pandemic, many of them are earning heavy revenue through subscriptions.

 Inkclick is is here to mitigate issues and create a free and fair platform for students to gain access to education.  Spare a few minutes to know more about them.

The problem

In the past two years, Edtech companies have mushroomed in India and globally. While these have eased the process of online learning, they bring with them a number of problems.

Most Edtech models rely heavily on subscription. The rates are usually annual subscription. So, even though a student may use the content for a short period of time, he or she ends up payinghigh subscription rates in order to access the material.

Students face issues

Another problem is that students would have to refer to different platforms to find content of their choice. Another missing feature is the complete lack of social media for educational content. There is little or no space for educational or informative content on social media.

The solution: By Inkclick

Inkclick is a digital institution that provides an open platform for students and educators to come and share educational content. Individual educators, EdTech companies and even schools and colleges can use Inkclick to share educational content online. They call themselves as digital institution.

Ankit Sanan, co-founder of Inkclicksaid, “The idea was to start a social media setup where the students themselves are the stake holders along with parents, teachers and educators. This social media platform is exclusively for learning and networking.The idea behind Inkclick is to provide Global Standard Learning available locally. We want to create a community that cultivates the thought innovation and growth in the future of India.”
Ankit Sanan

Features of Inkclick

There are various options on the Inkclick app for students and educators. The Scrap Book feature helps students write their innovative and creative ideas which they can share with others on the platform.

The Classroom feature is designed for teachers and other educators to plan their classes or subjects on which they will hold lessons.


There is a Library as well where students will find information on courses and sessions. In case they are searching for a lecture on a particular subject, they will find it in the library. They can also download content and watch them later.

Apart from schools, individual educators are welcome on the Inkclick platform to conduct live classes or to upload recorded lessons.
Parul Uppal

Several facilities

While Inkclick is free for students and parents, educators can register for free and even use the social media platform on this site, but they will need to pay a one-time fee when they are selling their content. Educators are also free to decide the price of the tiers of the courses that they are offering.

Inkclick also invites Edtech firms to listenout their content on this platform. Students can consume the content for free or even in a paid version where they can plug-n-play. Freelance educators can take live classes or they could upload recorded classes as well.

Future plans at Inkclick include conducting online competitions and webinars for students.

Dream Connect

Inkclick is open to freelance educators, EdTEch companies to come on board and share their content on this site.

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