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Drunken and callous driving has been the major cause of road accidents. A start-up has a solution to save people’s lives. Want to know how? Continue reading.

Several lives are lost on roads every year

Drunken driving has been one of the major reasons for blood spills on roads. People continue to drive callously despite being high on alcohol or drive without proper learning. It leads to numerous road accidents and often results in the loss of lives of passenger travelling in the four-wheelers and also the pedestrians. According to the Union government, there were over 1.5 lakhs deaths due to road accidents in 2018, an increase of 2.3% from 2017.

Start-up offering hire-on-demand drivers

A start-up in Kolkata is working on a mission to keep the driving safe and minimize casualties on roads. It has been offering hire-on demand drivers to individuals and corporate clients.

Personal experience gave the idea

Avijit Das, founder of DriverShaab says that the idea of start-up came due to his personal experience way back in 2017 when he was learning how to drive, “During 2017, I decided to learn driving. On One fine day, I decided to drive without my trainer. It was just a few days into the learning. I took my car and was driving in my locality when suddenly it caught fire. I somehow managed to drag myself out of the car and saved my life. It was a miraculous escape. Later, I realised that it was my mistake that had triggered the fire,” Avijit told Chalgenius.

He later thought that several lesser trained people might also face the same predicament, “I also realized that drunken driving is also one of the major causes of accidents. I came up with a plan to offer drivers on hire to people those who do not want to drive.”

DriverShaab operating in 12 cities with over 350 drivers

Avijit launched his company in 2018 and right now, he is operating in 12 cities of India namely Kolkata, Pune, Guwahati, Bhubaneshwar, Siliguri, Patna and others. They have a pool of 350 drivers in 12 cities.

Working on both B2B and B2C model

“We have been working on both B2B and B2C model. Soon after booking on app, we try to connect the individual client with the nearest driver available in his area just like app services. The customer can also track the movement of the driver,” Avijit told Chalgenius.

“We charge on per minute and hourly basis. The payments can be made both online and cash. The customer can end the drive whenever he feel likes and the payment receipt would be mailed to him. We also work with corporate clients where we offer pick and drop services of the employees and also sending the cars for maintenances,” he added.

The B2C services, however, are not available during lockdown.

During the time of Covid-19, DriverShaab has been working with cab aggregators to ensure supply of essential commodities and also reach to customers in need of help.

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