Meet two girls from Jaipur who brought their food delivery business back on track during pandemic

Several start-ups have closed their businesses during the lockdown and have got surrounded in depression but two girls from Jaipur have changed their business model during pandemic to adjust with the changing times. Just spare a few minutes to appreciate their efforts. ….

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Pandemic brought big crisis to business

It is true that pandemic has brought an unprecedented situation for the entire world, especially the business community that has been reeling under severe losses. The start-ups have not been left untouched with the covid tsunami. Several start-ups in India have downed shutters because of the unavailability to survive.

Everything is not lost

But all is not lost. It is said, that where is a will, there’s a way. It is useless to sit despondent and cry over the situation but rather to modify as per the situation and try to stay afloat. Two girls from Jaipur in Rajasthan have exactly done the same by adjusting their catering business to the need of the time.

Launched food delivery business in January, this year

The story goes that Alisha Asija and Riya Bansal, fresh pass-out graduates started a food delivery business in January, this year. The duo in their early 20s launched their start-up NHX (short form of Now Home Xpress) in their college campus to provide home cooked food to the teachers and students, “We both hail from Haryana and Madhya Pradesh respectively and found that it was not possible to eat outside food every day. We realized that similar problems were being faced by other students and teachers who were living in the college campus. We thought of starting a business that would supply home cooked food to them,” said Asija to Chalgenius while explaining the reason behind starting the venture.

Collaboration with Home Chefs

The girls entered into collaboration with home chefs who agreed to cook the food, “We used to collect orders from our customers that included students and teachers a day before and then went on a vehicle to collect the food. The business went off well as not much promotion was required as everybody knew us in the campus,” she added.

Pandemic ruined the business

But soon the demon of pandemic struck. The campus closed and the girls were out of business, “Soon, we found that everything was lost. The business also shut with the closure of campus. We also went back to our respective homes. It was big set-back after seeing the business running well. We remained in our houses and came back in June. We were planning to do something as the campus was no longer a business option,” said Riya to Chalgenius while recalling their tough times.

Supplying food to homes

The duo then came up with an idea to start the food services for people staying in homes, “We realized that people were not going out for food because of covid fear and also due to the closure of restaurants. We thought that supplying home cooked food to people would be a good option. We talked to our home chefs and they agreed to resume work,” she added.

Business back on track

Soon, they began to put posts in social media about the new service of delivery home cook food at the door step, “Slowly, people began to take interest as they also wanted to eat something different during the lockdown. We tried to fill up the space vacated by the restaurants and eateries. Soon, we made 60 clients within the next two months. The orders can be booked through Whatsapp and Instagram,” said Asija to Chalgenius.
The young entrepreneurs are now trying to expand their business by increasing the customer frequency.
Chalgenius salutes women empowerment and wishes them best of luck for their endeavour.

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