Meet this Pizza Boy from Delhi whose flying cake outlets now has over hundred employees

Delhi-based Sunil Vashisht, who couldn’t continue studies after class 12 due to financial constraints of his family, is currently the owner of a cake shops outlets that has a turnover amounting to several crores. But his journey from being a bar waiter to setting up his own cake shop was not a cakewalk. Let’s pause for a few minutes to appreciate Sunil’s indomitable spirit.


After passing class 10, Sunil’s parents asked him to fund his own education. “Although my school fee was only Rs 14 a month, it was a huge task to manage that amount being a teenager. This was the first and perhaps the greatest challenge of my life,” Sunil told Chalgenius while recounting how he agreed to do even the smallest of jobs in order to earn a few rupees so as to pay his fees.

Worked as a Pizza Boy in a fast food chain

Being the son of a mechanical labourer, who was the only earning member in their family of five, Sunil has a tough childhood. He somehow managed to complete his higher secondary school certificate (SSC) exam but that was the end of his academic life. In order to earn a livelihood Sunil did various kinds of jobs. He worked as a bar waiter, did menial jobs earning Rs 200 per day, worked as a salesman and finally managed the job of a pizza delivery boy at Dominos.

Not an easy job

It was at Dominos that he faced another very difficult challenge of his life. “As I hailed from a small village I was mocked by my colleagues for my accent and poor English. I got selected only after being rejected twice. I worked very hard on my weaknesses and within two years I was promoted as the manager of my colleagues, who had once criticised me,” Sunil added.

Story behind Flying Cakes

Sunil started working as a pizza delivery boy in 1998 and after a lot of ups and downs, he resigned in 2003. After quitting Dominos, he started a small roadside eatery but had to close down after witnessing problems from civic authorities. Despite all hardship Sunil wanted to do something different in his life. He realised that there was no cake shop in the area. So with some savings and a loan of Rs 58,000 from a friend, he started his cake shop in Noida under the banner of Flying Cakes in 2007.

About Flying Cakes

The cake shop was an ambitious project for Sunil. One day, a lady from a multinational company visited the shop to order a cake for her son’s birthday. The lady was the head of the company’s admin department – the quality of the cake baked by Sunil impressed her and Flying Cake soon started receiving corporate orders from her.
In 2010, Sunil started online services. Currently, there are over 15 outlets with more than 100 employees. The company will start it’s outlet in Kolkata’s Chinar Park from 1 January and has recently started an outlet in Samastipur in Bihar. Another outlet will come up in Rajasthan in a month.

Message to entrepreneurs

“Never lose faith in your belief and never be afraid of taking risks. In order to gain something you have to first lose. Success does not come in one or two months and even if you fail at the first attempt, don’t give up. Continue the hard work and success is sure to arrive,” Sunil said.
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