Meet this lady from Kolkata whose passion has helped her to cure people of critical ailments.

An interest in astrology coupled with the passion to resolve problems of near and dear ones since childhood led an MBA professional to work as an astrologer, palmist, and tarot card reader. Spare a few minutes to know more about her fascinating career…


The beginning

Hailing from Jaipur in Rajasthan, Aparna Dwivedi was attracted to the science of forecasting earthly and human events as a child.
After she went to college she started reading about astrology and then learned about palmistry. She slowly started developing a knack for solving the problems of her relatives and friends through astrology and palmistry. When people returned to her saying how correct her predictions were, her interest grew deeper and it gave her a lot of satisfaction.

Go for your passion

“Even without realizing it, astrology became my hobby. After completing college I did MBA in HR, following this, I worked with many companies. During this period I got married and settled in Kolkata. It was while seeing my love towards astrology that my husband suggested me pursuing my passion, she says while taking a trip towards memory lane.
“He told me that I should do the thing that I am passionate about instead of pursuing a regular 9 to 5 job. I loved addressing problems of people through astrology but it had never struck me that I could take it up as a profession. I pondered about my husband’s suggestion and realized how satisfied I became on resolving problems of other people.”
In 2017, she quit her job after working for 6 years. Then she started devoting her entire time to her passion.”

Services offered

“I read horoscope, palm, and Tarot card. By knowing the birth year, time, and place I do a complete analysis of the horoscope and palm along with taking into account the past life karma, Kundli, and ancestors’ deeds. Following which, I give the remedies,” she explained.

The remedies are doable.

Aparna provides easy and doable remedies. Some instances include going for a morning walk, keeping a tulsi plant, and making the inclusion of certain food in the diet. She may suggest you plant a tree or donate something or chant a mantra or consume a specific thing or use a particular soap.

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Clients are even from outside India

Aparna has clients from the USA, Australia, and Pakistan, “In 2019, a Pakistani lady approached me with liver ailments. I asked her to Recite a particular mantra at a time of the day and she was completely cured,” she said adding that all her assistance is given online.
She seeks the birth details online and provides the remedies through WhatsApp. For providing assistance through palmistry, one has to send a picture of the two palms.

Several problems can be addressed through astrology

“People come to me with problems related to marriage, divorce, children, and business. People having troubles in their careers or having difficulty in getting a promotion in the job also approach me. I heal people suffering from any kind of health and emotional issue. Astrology can actually cure anxiety very well,” she explained.

Secret code to success
“You should do whatever you love and make your passion into a profession. Success will definitely follow,” she advised.

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Get in touch

Aparna Dwivedi

Instagram- @Healer -palmist

Facebook- @AstroAaparna

Linkedin- Aparna Dwivedi




My YouTube channel–

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