Meet the two brothers from Delhi who are making eco-friendly items out of plastic waste

Two brothers in Delhi who are also environment lovers were concerned about the pile of plastic waste accumulated near their house. They decided to do something different rather than expressing anguish over it. Want to know more about them? Scroll down.

The two brothers were perturbed by plastic waste

Ankit Tripathi, a young lad from Delhi was perturbed by heaps of garbage near his house. He was worried about the harmful effect of the single use plastic on the environment. He was filed with thoughts of despair and wanted to do something about it.

The 22-year-old discussed the issue with his elder brother, Atul, (25) who also conceded that it was a grave issue and something was needed to be done to keep the environment clean, “We thought that removing the garbage was a temporary solution as the filth would accumulate within a few days. We decided to find a permanent solution,” said Ankit to Chalgenius.

The duo struck upon an idea of making eco-friendly items

The brothers-mechanical engineers- then came up with the idea of recycling the waste and converting it into eco-friendly products. With this aim Ankit and Atul launched their start-up UNEAKO which means Unique and Eco-friendly methods in January 2019, “We decided to come up with unique alternatives for plastic to maintain the sustainability of our environment in the long run,” said Atul to Chalgenius.

Amazing bio-gradable products churned from waste

The start-up makes environment-friendly items like air-purifiers from bamboo and coconut waste and file folders from recycle agricultural waste among 25 items. It also makes notepad covers depicting an endangered animal made with handmade line art, set against a painted background denoting its rapidly disappearing habitat. Each notepad contains 60 pages made of a special recycled paper called ‘lucky paper’. The paper’s quality finish ensures your writing experience is extremely smooth.

The products are manufactured from completely natural recyclable wastes and organic materials, he added.

Polar bear as mascot

The start-up has POLU, a polar bear as brand mascot because it symbolises the urgency for the change to a sustainable lifestyle and the polar bear could be the first to disappear due to the climate change.

The duo claims that their products are climate-positive, biodegradable and provide economic opportunities to those in need, “We employ people from marginalised communities to make our products. The aim is to generate employment for the people from the lower rung of the society,” said Ankit to Chalgenius.

Soon coming on e-commerce platforms

Each Uneako product has three key characteristics— quality, innovation and sustainability. The superior quality of every Uneako product ensures that people do not have to sacrifice comfort by buying green.

Uneako’s constant innovation makes sure that the Uneako family always has access to improved and diverse range of products. The start-up has Atal Incubation Centre, BIMTECH, NIET- tbi.

At present, Uneako is selling its products to corporate houses but would soon be coming on e-commerce platforms.

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