Meet the Toilet Man of Bengal who is on a mission to install eco-friendly bio- toilets at every nook and corner of the state

Looking for a low-maintenance, eco-friendly, odour-free toilet? Meet the Toilet Man of Bengal, who has redefined toilet-making to make them environment-friendly and help conserve water. These customised bio-toilets are now making waves across urban and rural lifeof India. Spare a few minutes to know more about the laudable initiative.

Who is the Toilet Man of Bengal?

Dr Arijit Banerjee is popularly known as The Toilet Man of Bengal because of his revolutionary concept of modern toilet-making. His company, Ramaesis RPL Perfect Pause is manufacturing prefabricated toilet housings that come in easily installable options.

His innovative and scientific bio-toilets are environment-friendly, easy to install and can be put up at any place.

Dr Banerjee and his team at Ramaesis RPL, Arpita Roy and Surinder Singh, create environment friendly models of bio- toilets and e-toilets that can be used anywhere.

Their motto is to save the environment and conservation of ground water for future generations. Till now, Ramaesis RPL has installed 5245 bio toilets.
They have successfully installed bio-toilets in district and towns across West Bengal to prevent open defecation and to change toilet habits of people through proper awareness programs on sanitation and hygiene.

In private enterprises, Dr Banerjee has worked with several construction companies and has installed bio toilets at construction sites. Ramaesis RPL currenty has the best in class solution for low cost yet hygienic Workmen Toilet in Hutment colonies and Community Toilet requirements. You might also find a small bio-toilet installed near many traffic booths across Kolkata which was conceptualized by Ramaesis RPL way back in 2018.

What is a Bio-toilet?

Bio-toilets are environment friendly toilets that treat human waste in digester tanks beneath the toilet itself. The sewage treatment system converts the waste to methane gas and further recycles and treats the waste water within the self-contained unit through mechanical and bacterial decomposition.

The water coming out is good for use in farming or soil treatment or even for flushing. Bio-toilets are environment friendly as they help to conserve ground water. As also they are a sure avoidance of the brick and mortar mess when it comes to construction thereby leveraging on the practical problems of meeting timelines.

The compactness of the unit makes it suitable for installation anywhere, even by the bedside. Ramaesis RPL has installed such toilets in various construction sites, public places and the rental model makes it affordable at fairs,Durga Puja and other community usages for short term.

Dr Banerjee also says that these toilets can also be made for domestic use. Their customised designs make bio-toilets a preferable option for elderly or ailing members of a family. “We can install a bio-toilet inside a room in a house where there are no attached bathrooms with the room. Since these are low maintenance units, many people prefer to use bio-toilets in their homes as well,” said Dr Arijit.

Advanced bio-toilets – e-toilets

An advanced version of the bio-toilets are the e-toilets that require no service staff. These Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated toilets can clean themselves and treat the waste much faster, leaving the toilet ready for next use within a short pause of may be 10 seconds.

Ramaesis RPL PERFECT PAUSE TM is the first MSME NSIC certified Indian company to make this product available at an affordable range and has installed these intelligent toilets at airports in Kolkata and a host of Public Places including Belur Math, Howrah.

Dream Connect:

Corporates, construction companies, malls, shopping complexes can largely benefit through installation of these bio-toilets. Households looking for low-maintenance toilets can also install such a unit in their homes. Community Development Clubs are invited to connect for their sanitation projects. There are various types of bio-toilets available at Ramaesis RPL, suiting every budget and environment.

Act Now:

Apart from Business needs, any environment-compassionate persons willing to install bio-toilets as part of CSR can contact Ramaesis RPL through Chalgenius website and avail attractive offers.

8100734002 / 9332061183

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