Meet Md Ikhlas, a fashion consultant from Kolkata who is a pioneer in the designer ethnic clothing industry


Global dominance in the ethnic clothing market is the next goal for Md Ikhlas. Hamsafar Emporium stands firm as a renowned name in the sector and the drive to grow just gets stronger every moment. Let’s explore this remarkable business endeavour in depth!

Cut-throat competition

One of the most fiercely competitive yet glamorous industries is the fashion industry. The continually expanding sector requires the inculcation of a lot more creative indulgence supported by a country’s culture and heritage due to its great haste to stay up with trends. Few people can meet the criteria of this extremely complex sector, even though many people aspire to be well-known names in the field.

Md Ikhlas, the creator of Hamsafar (Means companion in English) Emporium, a designer clothing company renowned for offering the greatest designer attires, is one such exceptional persona.

About Hamsafar Emporium

A designer clothing brand known for providing the most compelling designs, Hamsafar Emporium is a highly renowned name in the fashion industry. Known for its high-quality designs which are achieved with ultimate perfection, the brand has an unmatched level of beauty and royal essence in its designs.

Loads of collection

The collection of ethnic, party wears, or Indo-western garments has captivated a huge number of people. Using state-of-the-art equipment and genuinely high-quality fabric like silk, and cotton in their clothing collection is yet another factor that influences their status as the best clothing collection brand in the industry.

To build a strong global presence that strengthens the hold of a prosperous dominance of ethnic clothing, the company is highly dedicated to growing as a brand that engulfs the essence of the tradition and culture of the country. The brand empowers amateur designers and tailors to work on their passion and develop as a professional who can bring out their inner creativity to work and create designs that exceed the expectations of many.

About Md Ikhlas

The company was founded by his father nearly five decades ago and Md. Ikhlas is now the managing director of the clothing company “Hamsafar Emporium.” He is an outstanding businessman and skilled fashion consultant with a talent for creating the most intricate and compelling designs. His work stands strong as a symbol of rich culture and heritage and he looks into the online part of Hamsafar emporium.

He has also worked as a fashion consultant for Raymond’s custom tailoring. He specializes in detailing, styling, and colour palettes. Apart from handling company affairs, he is dedicated to helping tailors, designers, and craftsmen who need professional guidance or any other help. Currently, he looks after the online part of Hamsafar Emporium. He has been felicitated with several awards and accomplishments during his academics and received Special Jury Award on World Tailor’s Day 2019 at an event organized by Raymond. He has been trained by Master Tailor by Prof Thomas Wang, Singapore and Studied his Fashion Clothing Technology from NIFT, Kolkata and he has also been Fashion Consultant for Raymond’s Custom Tailoring.



His role in the company

As a Fashion Consultant to Hamsafar, his role is to provide expert advice and guidance on fashion-related matters to the company and its clients. This includes keeping up with the latest fashion trends, understanding the preferences and needs of different customer demographics, and providing recommendations on what styles, colours, fabrics, and accessories will work best for each individual.

Why Hamsafar different from others?

Md Ikhlas says that unique creative vision, style, and approach to design set them apart from others. Some other factors that contribute to a Hamafar’s unique style may include their personal experiences, cultural background, artistic influences, and aesthetic preferences. Additionally, the design process, materials, techniques, and tools used can also play a role in the final outcome of their work.

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