Meet a start-up from Delhi that is helping small and medium-sized companies to attain success

Two Chartered Accountants are virtually handholding SMBs in helping them to grow and succeed. Want to know more about them? Continue reading.

The duo was earning well

Shivam Khanna and Nitin Aggarwal who are chartered accountants were working in reputed companies in Mumbai. The duo was working in multinational investment banks having their headquarters in USA and earning a decent income.

Why Indian companies were not making big?

Life was going well till a thought crossed their minds. They tried to find a reason behind Indian companies not becoming as big as foreign multinationals, “We both were working in US investment banks that have offices across the globe. We thought that very few Indian companies or start-ups were expanding to that scale. We were earning money but were unsatisfied by seeing the condition of small and medium-sized companies that were not able to register a meteoric rise,” said Shivam Khanna to Chalgenius.

Small companies were not properly guided

Shivam and Nitin then decided to quit their jobs and work as consultants in Mumbai in 2018 and work for small and medium businesses. While catering to these clients they realised that implementation and handholding is the key to transform businesses, since the management is already preoccupied, “We found that existing consultants gave advice to the start-ups and take charges without helping them. We decided to launch a start-up that would guide them. The consultants and CAs would make report and handover to companies without pointing out the glitches and suggesting ways of improvement,” said Nitin to Chalgenius.

Decided to launch own venture

Having gained experience and relevant expertise by working across various sectors they started to formally launch their own venture with the professionalism they inherited from working with US Investment banks. “We found that conventional consultants gave advice to the businesses and left the implementation to the entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs need to focus on developing business development strategies while experts can support business execution through financial and operational expertise.” said Nitin to Chalgenius.
Our venture would not only have experts that guide start-ups and businesses but also execute these on-site through elaborate change management techniques. This is unlike what consultants and CAs generally do where they make reports and handover to companies which are highly generic and impractical.”

AK Counsellors LLP launched in 2019

Soon, after returning to Delhi, the duo founded AK Counsellors LLP in 2019 with the aim of helping small and medium sized companies, “We help SMB companies by not just advising them but implementing the ideas and bringing results. Our team goes to the offices of the clients and leads their team to explain the full process of work to them. We also hold in-house training to our team to keep them updated about the latest relevant developments.

Helping SMB enterprises in day-to-day work

“We strive to relieve the SMB entrepreneurs from daily operational fire fights, so that they can focus on the core business development activities and then supplement them with CFO services to help them execute their plan and vision. We help companies adopt Kaizen and Lean Management techniques to make them increasingly competitive,” said Shivam to Chalgenius.
Nitin told Chalgenius that they would soon be offering scenario analysis, budgeting, costing, strategic decision making and pricing, for start-upsat highly subsidised prices considering the adverse impact of COVID-19.

Get in touch!

AK Counsellors LLP
Phone: +91-7505 310 937 / +91-9354 768 206

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