Meet a Mumbai based dentist whose passion made her spiritual healer and tarot card reader

A dentist from Mumbai also had a keen interest as tarot card reader, a spiritual healer and a coach. She has been helping several people to achieve success. Just spare a few minutes to praise her wonderful initiative..

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Dentist turned tarot card reader

Dr. Devanshi Wadhwana is a professional dentist, an avid science student, a tarot card reader, a compassionate spiritual coach and a staunch supporter of occult science.
Hailing from a spiritual family, Dr. Wadhwana found her strong connection with the universe and went on to practice what she truly believed in at a young age.
As an ardent believer of the law of attraction, Dr Wadhwana believes everything in life happens for a reason.

Her life story

Dr.Wadhwana’s story of awakening is rather straightforward and easy. She’s grown up in a spiritual and pious household, therefore relating closely with non-materialistic entities came in naturally to her. Despite having a fulfilling career in the field of dentistry, she always had an inner voice that called to the universe above.

Her speciality

She specializes in a series of spiritual activities, starting cartomancy/tarot card reading- a special form of fortune-telling that draws its answers from a deck of cards. She also masters in oracle card reading, as show any imagery, and there’s more room for fluidity for the person working.
Dr. Wadhwana’s candle praying sessions involve brightly lit candles for the purpose of prayers. In this session, she lights a specific coloured candles and diyas along with specific herbs and crystals on the altar to manifest your intent with help of your guardian angels, God , Goddesses, ascended masters or our ancestors and the 5 Universal elements.
Also skilfully trained in crystal therapy, her crystal healing powers are an excellent alternative for medicine.

Pendulum dowsing

A major skill that she possesses is the act of pendulum dowsing. It is a form of divination. It assists in tapping into the intuition and sixth sense. It acts as a form of receiver and transmitter, from your higher guidance, guardian angels and spiritual teachers.

As a successful manifestation coach, Dr.Wadhwana’s job scope revolves around being positive, encouraging, and nurturing simultaneously toward her diverse clientele. With the duties of a spiritual coach, she helps those in need pinpoint at things that have been holding them back from achieving their full potential.

Law of attraction

This powerful law of attraction coach can help individuals understand what they want from the future. She can assist people to make plans for achieving goals that they once found impossible or way out of their reach. She is a white light worker and helps with various problems of everyday life, may it be work related, love life, family, land or property disputes, healing, etc. With her as the spiritual coach, people can get generous support and encouragement throughout their journey of life.

Just imagine and believe

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
Quoting her favourite law of attraction believer, Albert Einstein, Dr. Wadhwana believes in leading a life blessed with positivity and abundance. She a staunch believer that life is full of magic and wonder, and you got to do is just see it.

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Dr. Devanshi Wadhwana

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