How to protect your unique business ideas from getting stolen

Innovation, creation, ideation are some of the catch words of most industries today. Every professional believes that in order to survive and attract the masses, they need to come up with fresh ideas and concepts. But how to save your innovative and unique ideas? Spare a few minutes to know more about it.

Big Ideas
Not just large businesses, but startups today come up with innovative, out-of-the-box ideas to make them big. While creative minds can innovate and create unique concepts or designs but it is equally important to get the new idea protected.

Why copyrighting is important?
Most people are either unaware or do not understand the importance of taking a copyright or patent for their new or innovative idea or concept. Once an original product, concept or design comes into the market without a copyright or trademark, it can easily be copied by someone else and be sold at a cheaper price, ruining the market of the original product.

Engineering is one specifically crucial area where innovations are common and happening all the time. Through research and development, new ideas are being developed almost every day. However, most of these new ideas do not have a patent and leaves enough scope for copycats to replicate the idea and sell it at a lower price.

What’s the Solution?
Intellectual Property refers to any creation of the mind. It is a vast subject that covers anything from inventions, brand names, secret formulae, content on websites and even films.

To protect intellectual property are patent, copyright and trademark. While there are many well-known Intellectual Property firms, Chambers IP is also working effectively in this field.

Chambers IP-one stop for all your IP issues
Sumitra Chowdhury’sfirm, Chambers IP is a haven for all trademark, copyright and patent solutions. The firm deals with every kind of Intellectual Property Rights issue that exists. Sumitra has over 30 years experience in the legal services industry, specifically in the field of Intellectual Property Rights and can provide bespoke solutionsin this domain.

What’s the specialty?
Chambers IP specializes in trademark, copyright, patent, design and geographical indication, company law and beyond. is always willing to give her valuable advice and suggestions in this area. As the subject is vast and most people are unaware of its extent, Sumitra is willing to discuss and throw light on all the concerned areas in this domain.

Besides these, Chambers IP also specializes in any kind of property, marital, social, criminal conflicts. They also provide notary, affidavit services and attestations.

Why to choose Chambers IP
Sumitra is known to be thorough in her knowledge of her domain and is updated with any latest developments, amendments or changes made in IP laws. The firm deals every case with care, studying it thoroughly before going ahead. “We like to provide prompt and responsible responses at affordable charges,” said Sumitra.

Beside, Sumitra is also interested in raising awareness about intellectual property rights. “Young people are always into creating new and unique ideas, but they also need to know how to protect them from being copied and misused. I think discussions and talks on this subject will help them understand the importance of these laws,” said Sumitra.

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