Suhali- The Best Natural conditioner for your soil

At a time when the covid wave has been gripping the globe, there is imminent need to boost the immunity. But are you feeding healthy or chemical laced food to your family. Spare a few minutes to know more about it.

Rampant use of chemicals harmful

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Farming and large scale cultivation faces a pertinent problem of pest attacks which almost always involves using chemical pesticides to kill pests.

Chemical pesticides are stronger and easily kill the diseases but they remain in the soil and in the crops themselves, eventually being consumed by humans and animals.

Not much organic solutions

While farmers and cultivators are always looking for a harmless but effective organic solution, there are hardly any options available in the market.

In this situation, any affordable organic product that will help to increase yields yet keep pests away and improve the nutrient quality of the soil and the crops will be much helpful.

Why organic fertilizers?

The organic fertilisers made from natural products are rich in nutrients and help to improve soil quality and productivity. Fruits, vegetables and even plants grown in this soil are far more nutrient rich and free from the hazards of chemicals.

Ecophilic offers complete organic farming

Ecophilic Farming Solutions that is just about a year old is dedicatedly working to develop a wide range of nonchemical agro-inputs appropriate for organic farming.

It offers 100% pure, organic fertilisers, known as soil conditioners that are made from purely natural products, by-products or even organic waste material.

Led by Dr. Anjalii Prasad, the company has already introduced a number of organic farming solutions that have been made from an array of natural raw materials sourced from various local resources.

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Array of Products
Their products include Suhali, which is an organic, manure-based soil conditioner made from selective natural substrates. Suhali is available in two other variants, Suhali Phospho+ and Suhali Potash+, each having enhanced Phosphorus and Potassium content respectively.

The crucial feature of Suhali is to condense a sufficient amount of Humic acid and Fulvic acid, that are essential for soil rejuvenation. Other than that, Suhali is enriched in such a way that it will automatically enhance the beneficial microbes in soil and lead to more fertile soil. They also help in water retention in the soil, hence reducing irrigation costs.

Organic pesticides are unthinkable in the present market but Ecophilic’s Jivadhana is one such product that acts as a pest repellent as well as promotes plant growth. Jivadhana is a perfect blend of indigenous traditional knowledge (ITK) and modern science.

The USP of Ecophilic products:
The biggest USP of Ecophilic’s fertilisers is that they are all purely non-chemical in nature. As they are sourced from various natural ingredients, and the products have long term benefits for cultivators and soil conditioning.

About Ecophilic Farming Solutions:
The enterprise was established in 2020 with the assistance of Rastriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY)- Remunerative Approaches for Agriculture and Allied Sector Rejuvenation (RAFTAAR) scheme at National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE) Hyderabad.

About Anjalii Prasad
Dr. Prasad has been actively involved in the research on Ecological and Integrated Crop management, before starting this venture. Her team, based on the research knowledge and different ancient technologies, developed a number of natural products that promise to yield better and healthier crops.

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Dream Connect:
Ecophilic would like to join hands with urban gardeners, small-scale tea growers and farmers producing vegetables.

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