How a stethoscope developed by a 36-year-old engineer from Ahmedabad is helping patients to keep their Heart beating during covid

When getting medical services is becoming more and more difficult due to the rapid surge in Covid cases, an Ahmedabad based 36-year old engineer has devised an innovative stethoscope that enables one to send his/her heart beat records to the doctor directly to his phone without having to visit him or getting himself examined.Read the article for more details…

The need for an electronic stethoscope

“The stethoscopes that are generally used are acoustics do not have the facility to store information. In the present pandemic situation, patients try to avoid visiting doctors’ chambers as much as possible. And even when they do so the doctors mostly prefer to diagnose the patient from a safe physical distance. Often instead of checking the patient’s heartbeat with a stethoscope the doctor prescribes an x-ray. To do away with the physical contact that is involved in ordinary stethoscopes I came up with an electronic device,” Dr Sachin Sharma told chalgenius.

The concept

Dr Sharma’s electronic stethoscope has the capacity to measure the heart beat of the patient and thereby giving indications of a low, normal or abnormal heart rate. “The patient simply needs to connect the stethoscope to his body and record his/her heart beat. This data can be directly transmitted to the doctor’s mobile on wireless mode,” he said.

How to go about

The patient needs to buy a stethoscope and the doctor needs to install an App on his/her smart phone free of cost. The heart beat records will be transferred to his whatsapp and he can diagnose the patient in a proper manner.

When can we get this stethoscope?

“The device was conceived last year and its trial has already started. Once the trial is completed I will apply for government funds and certifications following which it will be available in the market. Hopefully within 6 months it can be launched commercially,” hoped Dr Sharma.

About Dr Sharma

He has done his BTech and MTech in Electronic Communication and then opted for PhD due to his passion towards research and development. He is currently working at the Research Institute of Gandhinagar.

How is it different?

The electronic stethoscopes that are available in the market are completely unaffordable and are used only by the hospitals but Dr Sharma’s device is much cheaper. While the ones that are available cost a minimum of Rs 25,000, Dr Sharma expects his device will be around Rs 3,000 to 4,000.

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