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When it comes to digital marketing, many entrepreneurs often tend to ignore some basic facts that ultimately make their ventures ineffective. Bangalore-based Prakash Nimbalkar, a marketing and communication specialist with over 25 years of experience throws some light on effective digital marketing. Spare a few minutes if you want to make your company successful through digital marketing.

Robust website is the primary requirement for digital marketing

The website has to be ‘complete and ready’ for driving the traffic. It should have adequate information because customers will stay only if there is enough knowledge else the entire exercise will become futile. The success of digital marketing depends on the effectiveness of the web content. There should be keywords, effective visuals and good quality videos. The website should be powerful enough to retain customers. Next is selection of target audience based on age, sex and gender and reaching out to them through Facebook or Instagram. One has to create an effective campaign on social media.

The website should focus on customer well being

Users visiting the website should feel that it offers something for his/her well being instead of selling products alone. “The revenue generation should not be the sole focus. It should provide contents for development of the users. The user will feel that the website is not only selling its products but is catering to his/her well being and thereby making him/her to stay for a longer time. This exercise will in turn help in the future as one user can tell two others who can turn out to be loyal customers,” Nimbalkar told chalgenius.

Disappointing customers will drive them away

Nimbalkar advises never to disappoint customers because it will drive them away. Advertise only that which can be provided and never inflate. If a customer feels cheated then it will have an adverse effect on the brand, he said.

The most important thing in digital marketing

“Have a proper, well-planned and correctly drafted calendar before kicking off. Many people begin with three posts daily for 7 weeks and then stop for the next 6 months. Instead be slow but consistent,” he informed.

About Prakash Nimbalkar

He is a strategist, planner and branding and marketing consultant. With a passion for start-ups, he is currently mentoring 3 start-ups. He loves to teach and train and holds the “Train The Trainer” global certificate from Dale Carnegie.

Helping start-ups

In India, the average age group of starting start-ups is 27-35 years. The entrepreneurs have either started their venture after completing education or have left their job. Majority of them lack experience of doing business and many lack the requisite financial knowledge. “I primarily identify the gaps and address those by guiding them on how to proceed. I even help business schools in their incubation centres and e-cells,” said Nimbalkar adding that sometimes the idea is good but entrepreneurs are unable to present it properly. “One has to remember that product and execution are equally important. Considering factors like how to get customers, build the brand, retain customers and get repeat customers are essential,” he told Chalgenius.

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