Food items found in the kitchen can boost your immunity: Experts

Do you know immunity can be boosted by consuming daily use food items available easily in your kitchen and there is no need to spend money in buying costly products of companies claiming to boost immunity.. Want to know more? Spare a few minutes in reading the article as it concerns your health.

Danger of pandemic

The super spread of Covid 19 has brought unprecedented situation before the humanity. With no vaccine or medicine available to cure the disease, the danger seems to have increased manifold.

False claims of curing the virus

During these tough times, many individuals and companies have found a perfect opportunity to make quick money by making claims of having invented the medicine of coronavirus or boosting immunity. But many few people might know that immunity can be boosted by consuming food items that are in daily use and found in the kitchen.

Neem found in the kitchen can boost immunity

Health experts claim that normal food like garlic or turmeric can help to make us strong to battle the virus and make them healthy.
Dr Prasanta Kumar Biswas, associate Professor, department of food and technology, Jadavpur University mentions several household items that can be used as remedy for weak immunity, “We have forgotten natural things like neem leaves. Chewing 2-3 raw neem leaves every day during the morning along with hot water is really beneficial. Neem has anti-virus characteristics.”

Moringa and Garlic also makes strong from inside.

This apart, moringa leaves are readily because there is a danger of virus spread during this season. Different kinds of moringa leaves are available this season. It has lot of vitamin-c; calcium which is very helpful for women and also reduces the chances of infection by increases the immunity in our body. “Consumption of raw garlic is very good. Take garlic and crush it every morning and keep it in open air for five minutes before consuming it. It is really beneficial. If somebody feels pungent smell of garlic then it can be kept dipped in a curd overnight and consumed next morning. The process reduces the small. Turmeric and cinnamon are also good to boost immunity.

Tea is also an immunity booster

He further said that normal tea also helps in boosting immunity, “It is better to have tea without milk and sugar and boil the tea leaves for 30 seconds in a minimum temperature. Tea can be consumed for 2-3 times a day to save ourselves from infection. Even studies have shown in Japan near tea garden that those children that consume liquor tea have less chances of getting infected with influenza.”

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