First ever F.I.R.E. Coaching startup sets its foot in India empowering people to achieve financial independence

F.I.R.E. Coaching is a concept that makes individuals financially empowered and capable enough through customized one-to-one sessions to start a business on their own. It enables them to diversify their income sources, acquire financial independence, and retire early.

Roots from a middle-class family

The Founder and Curator of F.I.R.E. Coaching Program, Mr. Chidambaram C, comes from a middle-class family where the mindset is employment-oriented. Therefore, none of his family members before him had ever ventured into entrepreneurship. In 2002, he secured a job in the corporate world. He worked for two years in the financial sector. Thereafter, for more than 17 years, he worked in the top M.N.C.s of the I.T. Sector.

“Initially, I enjoyed my work, but after a few years, that feeling subsided. I do not want to keep doing the same work for the rest of my life for somebody else.” expressed Mr. Chidambaram.

How did this idea pop up?

Mr. Chidambaram shared his experience behind the nudge of his venture.

“In 2017, I was working for one of the top M.N.Cs. My colleague’s son was hospitalised. For the same reason, he could not join the job for a day or two, but the manager was putting pressure on him due to the project deadline. Then a serious thought struck me, ‘For what do we earn money if we cannot spend time with our family?’ After this incident, I decided to look for opportunities so that I’m not financially dependent on job and I can be my own boss.”

In 2019, along with his job, he started his first startup ‘MindBurger Innovative Solutions’ through which he was able to become financially independent. He quit his job at the age of 40 in 2021. Eventually, in January 2022, he took off with India’s First F.I.R.E. Coaching Startup.

Financial Independence, Retire Early

F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence, Retire Early) is a popularized western movement that emphasises saving more and investing smartly to achieve financial independence and possibly retire early. Through his F.I.R.E. Coaching startup and his experience of close to 20 years, he trains people on how to do monthly and annual budgeting, diversify their investments for maximum return, identify the right business opportunities, and help people start their own businesses without quitting their jobs. Chidambaram’s F.I.R.E. Coaching Program also focuses on physical and mental wellness and creates a winning mindset which is the key to success.

Programs and Features

F.I.R.E. Coaching offers namely two programs: a four-day and a one-year program. The former is a batch program, while the latter is a personalized one-to-one program. Chidambaram is approachable for support and guidance whenever needed, even outside the scheduled sessions.

Besides F.I.R.E. Coach, Mr. Chidambaram is also an A.B.N.L.P. Certified N.L.P. Master-level practitioner. This, in turn, benefits the people enrolled in the program as he could help them unlock their highest potential by coaching and counselling them using various N.L.P. tools and techniques.

Message by the Founder

“We all are individuals, and everyone is unique. Start exploring! What else can you do besides your job? I strongly believe there is a part within us that wants to put something out into the world. Unfortunately, it is not possible within the corporate structure.” commented Chidambaram. “We are human beings; it’s our responsibility to add some unique value to society. Everyone is born with a gift. Just explore it, and one day, your name will also be spoken in stories along the lines of Dhirubhai Ambani or Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg.”

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