Excessive usage of chemical pesticides are causing serious diseases to human beings

Excessive use of pesticides in farming is not only harmful to the crops but also leads to severe diseases among human beings and even in stillborns Want to know more? Continue reading.

Massive use of chemical pesticides harmful for human beings

Uncontrolled use of chemical pesticides in farming is having a disastrous impact not only on the soil and crops but it also poses a serious threat to the human beings and causes severe diseases like cancer and hypertension and others.

Chemical fertilisers usage reduced but still dangerous

Experts concede that the use of chemical fertilisers has been reduced over the years but still its harmful for human beings, “We have seen that production and safety are the two major areas while using pesticides. The uses of pesticides started from auldine, DDT but nowadays pesticides are available that are less harmful but still organochloride, organophosphate are harmful both to the soil, environment and human beings,” said Rishi Krishna De, project director, Agricultural Technology Management Agency ATMA Malda, West Bengal.

Effects also visible on humans and cattle milk

He further told Chalgenius, that the harmful effects of chemical pesticides have also been seen in cattle and human milk, “Even in livestock, chlorinated hydrocarbons are seen in their milk. It has also been found in human milk. It is a difficult situation and even if we think about human body, we find nausea, itching and nerve problems, respiratory issues, hypertension and insanity.”

Even children and stillborns at risk

Rishi also pointed out that even children and stillborns have to face the wrath of chemical pesticides, “We also see neonatal deficiency means children develop disorder even before their birth. As a result, cancer in children, especially brain cancer have increased manifold due to organophosphate. We all know that organochlorine not only causes nerve problems but also leads to ulcer in intestines, cancer and other problems.”

Due to uncontrolled and massive use of chemical fertilizers, the poison remains in the crops and it enters the human body and manifests into various diseases, he added.

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