Chalgenius: An odyssey that has just began…


Chalgenius, a media start-up to promote start-ups across India has witnessed a massive growth and success since launching on Feb 10, 2020. We have so far offered our platform to over 80 start-ups in India and working with three governments of Assam, Odisha and Jharkhand. We have also crossed 42k page views excluding social media reach.

What is Chalgenius?

As a journalist with over one decade of experience and interviewing several start-ups in India, I felt that the successful start-ups like those who have got funding, investments, turnover or having unique concept are being interviewed by every journalist but what about those who are working silently and need a platform to express themselves. The problem was that no journalist was interested to interview them because they were small in terms of growth and didn’t have any impressive numbers to show.
I felt that it was a gross injustice and a platform has to be created where every start-up should be given equal opportunity to promote itself and even those in prototype stage if the concept is good. It was because initial stage is the actual time when the start-up needs a support. I strongly feel that a successful start-up doesn’t often need a journalist for coverage.

Launched in February, this year

Chalgenius made a small beginning in the digital world in the second week of February this year when India was still aloof to the dangers of the pandemic and life was hectic and busy. We came up with a platform to promote start-ups in India without discrimination them on their success and failures.

What we do?

We publish a written content and a small You Tube video of the start-up on our site, We then share the articles on our social media and help the start-up to connect with more people. We also have a whatsapp group where we add start-ups already featured on our site. This helps us to bring them on a common platform and create business opportunities for them. Most of our start-ups are now doing business among themselves.

What problems we have solved?

I found that most of the interviews of start-ups are done in English by digital media organisations. Most of us can speak and understand the English language, but there are thousands and thousands of people across India who still speaks regional languages. A start-up might have to offer his services and sell his products to them. So, there was no point if he speaks in English in the video because his customers won’t understand and the interview would be a waste of time.
We decided to do something. We requested the start-ups to speak in regional languages of their state in the video so that their customers can understand and connect with their business. We obviously run subtitles in English below to make others understand.

Contact details shared with consent

We also give the contact details of the start-ups on our platform in both videos and content, so that the potential customers can contact them directly without us being involved.

Successful 3 months

Within three months of launching, Chalgenius has been working with start-up arms of three state governments of Assam , Odisha and Jharkhand. We are promoting their start-ups on our platform and in return they are sharing the published articles on their official social handles. It has helped us to increase our reach. We have crossed 42 thousand page views on our website excluding the social media platforms.
We have continued our journey even during the pandemic and have been interviewing and publishing article of fresh start-up every day apart from interviews of investors and mentors.

Ready for partnership

We are open for collaboration with start-ups, incubators and accelerators. We are ready to work with you to promote your start-ups on our platform and help them not only to expand their reach but also to create business opportunities. We want to transform Chalgenius into a complete start-up eco-system where investors and mentors are not only being interviewed but they can also find suitable start-ups for investments.
Come, let’s join hands to create millions of entrepreneurs in India by supporting their start-ups.

Please, be free to connect!

Gurvinder Singh
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