Brother Sister Duo from Bihar develops a storage device to keep farm produce fresh for 30 days without refrigerators

It has been well said that no work is big or small. A young woman from West Bengal has proved it right by opening a tea stall on a railway station despite having an MA degree in English. Read the article to know more about her.

Device to keep farm food fresh
Sabjikothi, an IoT enabled storage device created by the brother-sister duo- Nikki and Rashmi requires is 10 watts of electricity either on or off-grid, and a litre of water per day.

It saves farmers 30% of their horticultural crops that often goes to waste without an adequate storage facility while also saving them a tremendous amount of electricity since it operates on a small lead-acid battery that generates 10 watts a day.

This self-assembled storage device can be transported on everything from a thela (a simple wooden cart) to an e-rickshaw and even a truck. So, how does the made by this IIT-Kanpur-incubated startup work?

No refrigeration needed
Nikky Jha explains, “Sabjikothi extends the shelf life of perishable horticultural produce through the construction of a high-humid and sterile isolated chamber. This chamber is incorporated with high-end technology that suppresses pathogens as well as the respiration rate of fruits and vegetables, thus inhibiting ethylene biosynthesis which is responsible for perishability.

Our product (Sabjikothi) comes with the novel idea to incorporate storage and transportation solutions into one single unit while using ethylene-degradation as the preservation technique.”

Regulator attached
“We have carefully researched the different types of microenvironments required by fruits and vegetables. To address these differences, we have attached a regulator which can change the microenvironment within the storage device, depending on the crops stored. We have even made adjustments for mixed microenvironments, wherein a farmer can deposit a collection of different fruits and vegetables like bananas, apples, cabbages and oranges.”

The Sabjikothi is a tent-like self-assembled structure. There are four stands holding the storage device which comes in three variants. They can store up to 200 kg, 500 kg and 1,000 kg.

Ten times the capacity
Compared to a conventional refrigerator which can store upto 30 to 40 kgs of fresh produce, the Sabjikothi offers 10 times the capacity, 100 times the saving on the electricity required and it only costs half the total amount.

“The best part is that we can even transport it on thela (cart). It only requires 10 watts of power which is equivalent to the amount of power required to run your mobile phone. Our storage device is powered by a small lead-acid battery, although we have plans to switch over to lithium-ion,” he adds.

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