An integrated startup comes as a boon for both businesses and end users

Whitewular is an integrated software platform for sustainable business development. It comes with a breakthrough for businesses in customer retention, and the integration of online and offline services makes customers’ lives easier. Spare a few minutes to know more about the initiative.

Integrated business model has brought up a unique concept of integrating online and offline businesses. It considerably enlarges the scope of customers’ and businesses’ experiences and satisfaction. It focuses on reducing the disparity between offline and online businesses. Whitewular provides business persons, suppliers, and manufacturers the platform to easily manage online and offline businesses. They need not to manage different softwares for managing their online and offline businesses. Moreover, Whitewular cut down the work of business personnel and they can easily manage their multiple offline and online business in synchronization in a hassle-free manner.

“Whitewular helps small businesses in managing heavy and costly compliances. It helps them to sell their products online without taking GST for the online sale as operates on real-time B2B selling model.” commented Mr. Puneet Gupta, The Founder.

Sustainable business development is a sustainable business development platform that focuses on business growth. It works on both B2B and B2C frameworks.

“Due to emerging companies, upcoming new products, and various choices, customers shift to the new companies due to alluring deals, cash backs, and offers. Consequently, existing companies remain unsuccessful in customer retention. To solve the problem of customer acquisition and retention, emerged as pioneer.” said Mr. Puneet.

Whitewular makes the business sustainable in the long run as it helps in customer acquisition and customer retention as the customers can avail of every facility of goods and services in one place.

Enhances customers’ experiences

The platform is also based on a customer-centric approach. It works for the customer’s satisfaction and convenience. It makes the availability of all types of goods and services relatively easier and more accessible than any other online platform or nearby marketplace. brings a plethora of choices in both goods and services sections to the disposal of its customers.

“If you want to paint your wall, you place an order for the wall paint, but at the same time, you’ll require the services of a painter. Here comes the role of It will provide you both paint and painter.” explained Mr. Puneet.

Whitewular is the only platform that has introduced filters in the services selection. This feature equips the customers with fast decision-making and buying process, thereby saving precious time. It also assures the customers of the homogenous quality and pricing of products.

Special features

The quest does not end here. Besides the benefits mentioned above, provides businesses with options for gift cards. It also assists them with the option of advertising their product and services through the listing. It also facilitates businesses to come up with and create new deals and offers on the platform itself. Unlike other platforms, here on, businesses can also avail the benefit of GST input credit on every transaction through the platform.

Whitewular is a framework where the manufacturer, supplier, and customers all exist and sustain in a holistic environment. Businesses get customers for selling their products and services and vice-versa. Businesses and customers both can avail the services of Whitewular platform through and respectively.

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