A Start-up from Katihar has been saving shopkeepers from onslaught of e-commerce giants

A start-up, mylocal99 based out of Katihar in Bihar has been trying to save the local shopkeepers and vendors from the onslaught of e-commerce giants Amazon and Flipkart. Want to know how? Continue reading to know more.

E-commerce leaders wiping off retail business

It is a bitter truth that e-commerce giants have been devouring the local shopkeepers in every area across India. Several shops have closed down or running in losses because of unable to compete with online companies that deliver goods at doorstep with comparatively lesser prices than available in the market.

Local shopkeepers were facing losses

Amit Saha, techie who was based at Malaysia in a private job and had come to his home town Katihar in Bihar for a brief stay found that how the local shopkeepers were bleeding under the impact of e-commerce giants.

Decides to save shopkeepers

The 32-year-old got perturbed and wanted to resurrect the shopkeepers. He devised a noble idea. Saha decided to create an online portal that would connect local shopkeepers with the customers of that particular area, “I decided to come with an online marketing portal that would help customers to check the goods available in the shop on the website and book accordingly. It would not only help customers to get goods faster but would also save the shopkeepers,” said Amit co-founder to mylocal99 to Chalgenius.

Shopkeepers liked the concept

He shared the idea with his three techie friends who also agreed to it. Soon, they did a market survey and found that the shopkeepers took interest in the concept, “We found that they were really facing bad condition and was looking for survival,” told Ajay Sinha, another co-founder to Chalgenius.

Connected vendors with customers

Mylocal99 has so far connected over 110 vendors in their platform in Katihar alone and has been providing grocery items, sweets, cell phones and other items to customers at their doorsteps.

Aim to connect all shopkeepers

“We want to connect even the small shopkeeper to the customer so that his business doesn’t get hamper due to e-commerce giants,” said Neeraj Jarseniya, co-founder to Chalgenius.
The company that started operations from Katihar, late last year has been extended to Pune, Indore, Bhopal, Thane and others.


Revenue model

The start-up has been providing free services during Covid-19 but they plan to take nominal charges from the vendors by subscription and commission once the things start turning normal, said Ashutosh Khare, another co-founder to Chalgenius.

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