A start-up from Delhi finds the productive use of stubble burning

Environment lovers

Aru Mangla and Aayushi have been school friends. They both shared concern for the environment and were equally worried about stubble burning in north India that was causing immense pollution in Delhi and other states and leading to the risk of severe diseases.

Stubble burning causing serious health hazards

The duo who resides in Delhi felt that something has to be done to stop or even minimize the burning of stubble, “We were actually studying in different colleges in 2016 but still in contact with each other. We realised that pollution arising out of stubble burning had been causing serious health hazards. We thought that the situation would turn worse if no concrete action is taken,” said Aru Mangla, 23, to Chalgenius.

Solution to Stubble burning

The duo, decided to launch a start-up that would find an effective solution to stubble burning and also bring it to productive use, “The problem of a lack of a reliable and integrated collection and supply mechanism for utilisation of crop residue results in its open burning, further causing lethal air pollution in surrounding regions. As a result, around 39 million tonnes of crop residue, namely paddy straw and sugarcane trash is burnt annually in Punjab and Haryana alone,” said Aayushi, 23, to Chalgenius.

Founded RY Energies in 2017

Eventually, Aru Mangla and Aayushi founded RY Energies in 2017 even before they had finished their graduation to make an alternative use of stubble, “We got in touch with the farmers and tried to convince them about the disadvantages of burning the crop residue and rather to provide us that would be processed into rich quality biomass resource, and supply it to end-users to enable its utilisation for productive uses, like energy and bio-fuel generation,” Aru Mangla told Chalgenius adding that they currently deal in paddy straw and sugarcane trash in the regions of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

Productive use of Stubble

Aayushi told chalgenius that their customers include biomass power plants, cogeneration plants, paper and pulp industries, Pelleting & Briquetting Industries among others.
Besides, the company also deals in solar solutions to corporate, industrial, institutional and residential users, which enable them to save up to 50% on monthly electricity bills.

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