A girl from MP village fights all odds to make education affordable through her start-up TutorCabin

Fighting all the odds, Neha Mujawdiya became the first girl from her village to complete education and founded Indore-based edtech startup TutorCabin. Spare a few minutes to know more about her laudable initiative.

First girl to complete education

It was a proud moment for Neha Mujawdiya when she became the first girl from her village to complete her education. Neha who hails from Madhya Pradesh, however, had a different vision which was not just restricted to pursuing higher education.

Neha who hails from Melkheda village of Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh wanted to break free from societal fear and start her own business someday. But it was easy said than done for a girl hailing from a rural hinterland of the state.

Despite facing all odds, Neha went on to build a successful edtech startup, TutorCabin that has been inspiring several people.

Creating the difference
Started in 2018, the startup provides personalised and group classes for students across all ages, starting for primary, secondary, and college level to competitive and entrance exams preparation.

The start-up has nearly 1,000 teachers on the platform today, and has expanded its online reach to Delhi, Agra, Mumbai and other states.

Neha was determined to break the typical cycle of school, local college, and marriage that follows in almost every household of the village.

Owing to lack of resources and illiteracy, students, especially girls, were rarely allowed to pursue graduation, let alone higher education. After completing BA (economics) from Vikram University in Ujjain, Neha wanted to move to Indore to pursue an MBA degree, and break the cycle.

“My parents didn’t accept me of going to Indore for studies. Education is not a priority in my village, especially for girls. Things are changing, but I struggled a lot during my time,” says Neha, who eventually convinced her parents for higher education in Indore.

Her parents also had to face a lot of criticism from the society for sending a girl to the city alone and not being bothered about her marriage.

In 2009, Neha moved to Indore and enrolled herself for an ACA course at a private institution after clearing the exam.

“I roamed around for days for admission. I was not eligible in a lot of institutions owing to my prior degree. The options were limited. After my ACA, I cracked the MBA entrance and joined Christian Eminent College, Indore, for further studies,” she says.

The big city life
While pursuing her master’s, Neha didn’t want to miss out on any opportunity of being in the city. She wanted to grab as much knowledge as possible and gain experience. However, it all boiled down to finances. In order to break away from her dependency and ease the burden on her parents, Neha started taking home tuitions for primary level students. She sometimes even worked for 17 hours.

However, what started as a temporary stint to cover finances, soon became a business proposition for Neha, who saw how parents were being charged exorbitant amounts for sub-standard quality tuitions.

At this moment, Neha had set her mind on a business idea but continued to take regular tuitions for four years before taking the entrepreneurial plunge. She wanted to build her confidence, resources and knowledge base before venturing out.

However, Neha was being pressured by her parents to come back to the village, as her master’s were inching towards completion.

“I requested my parents to give me another year to stay in Indore. I wanted to create my own identity and not end up in the village where I had no growth. I was scared but never lost hope and somehow managed to convince my family,” says Neha.

Starting TutorCabin
She set up an office in 2018 at a co-work space, built a simple website, and started hiring, interviewing, and training tutors to create a single platform for tuitions — TutorCabin.

The founder started out with 10-15 tutors, who later went on to become a part of her core team. She already had a demand in place due to her personal reputation and hard work.

“At first, we had around 150 tutors and 10-15 students from Indore and areas nearby. We provided classes from Nursery level to college. I was amazed by the demand for home tuition from TutorCabin,” says Neha.

The pandemic propelled the founder to move operations online. Despite having limited resources and knowledge about the digital know-how, she learned from people around and shifted the base.

How it works?
The platform has both full and part-time teachers, who are extensively trained before being on boarded. Each student is assigned a tutor after thorough examination and use of analytics, while the payment modules are designed as per the courses. The platform uses technology to evaluate students’ performance and subsequently work on their shortcomings. Features like live classes, recording sessions, 24×7 Q&A chats, career counselling and a separate login for parents, are provided.

As an add-on service, the platform provides free spoken English classes and free education to students who lost their parents due to the pandemic.

Neha hustles every day to make the platform as efficient as possible and tries to give personal attention to each student.

The 15-member startup registered revenue of Rs 22 lakh in financial year 2020-21. She is a role model role model for many girls in her village and the areas around.

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