A couple from Kolkata is boosting immunity against Covid-19 with organic food items

Strong immunity is being suggested as an only remedy in a fight against the coronavirus. A couple in Kolkata has been helping people to boost immunity by offering organic food items. Continue reading to know more.

Avid travellers

Sudip Chattopadhyay and his wife Ruth are avid travellers. They love to explore offbeat places and stay among rural life and consume local food. The couple who stay in Kolkata often go out to venture in the silent but beautiful places in the country.

Rural people consuming chemical free food

During such trips, they realised that villagers were living a healthier life by consuming the organic and chemical free food items while the urbanites were getting prone to diseases because of adulterated food available in the market.

People consuming unhealthy food in cities

Upset with the unhealthy food being consumed widely by people in the city, the couple decided to do something, “We were surprised to see that the people in rural areas were leading a healthy life-style by consuming chemical free food while those living in cities were getting affected by diseases because of inferior quality of food items resulting in poor immunity,” says Sudip who is also an IT professional.

Chemical free food helped in fighting diseases

The couple felt that organic and chemical free food was the only possible way to boost immunity and stay healthy in the polluted environs of the city, “We began using organic food items in the house and found that upset stomach and other diseases which rampantly used to hit our family were vanishing. It was a welcome change,” said Ruth to Chalgenius.

The couple decided to spread the good message

Sudip and Ruth felt that the message on the effectiveness of the chemical free food has to be spread to the society which was in the jaws of unhealthy food. They decided on a social initiative to create awareness on organic food items, “We thought that society as a whole should benefit from this initiative of healthy food. We wanted the society to live and stay healthier,” she added.

Birth of Paushtik Life

It led to the birth of Paushtik Life in 2019, a shop on the ground floor of their house where they started selling vegetables directly procured from the farms, “People can only stay healthy if the food is served from farm to plate. We started with selling vegetables on every Tuesday in 2018. We were encouraged to see the response of the consumers. It led to the creation of Paushtik Life,” said Sudip to Chalgenius.

Organic food beneficial to people of all age groups

It is not just the couple but even the consumers who regularly buy products from them claim that their immunity has increased after consuming the food purchased from Paushtik Life, “My family has an 82-year-old senior citizen and also an eight-years-old child. The senior citizen has a pacemaker installed and has to be kept in much precaution. I have bought rice, lentils, poultry, fish, milk and its by-products from here. I purchase everything what is available here. I do not buy anything from outside. I have seen that health issues of the senior citizen have come down drastically. Age-related ailments are of course there. Even the child doesn’t face upset stomach problems. That is why, I am using their products. The prices are also affordable and not beyond our reach and home delivery are also available,” said Poulomi Majumdar, consumer, Paushtik Life.

Organic food boosting immunity against Covid-19

Consumers also claimed that their immunity to fight against diseases, especially Covid-19 has increased after taking chemical free and organic food items, “I have been feeling better after taking these food items for the past one year and the body is feeling lighter. There are no problems of indigestion and other issues. I have heard from people and even this is my personal opinion that immunity increases after consuming organic food items. An increase in immunity power is clearas we do not get instant cold, cough, sneezing and fever regularly. I think this to be the greatest benefit of consuming chemical free food items. I have realized the long-term impact of consuming these food products,” said Partha Sarathi Datta who has been regularly buying products from Paushtik Life
At present, Paushtik Life deals in over 70 food items that includes rice, lentils, pickles, vegetables and also non-vegetarian items. They also offer home deliveries.

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Paushtik Life
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